Less Traditional Features To Consider When Building A New Home

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When building a home, there are many decisions to be made. This can be overwhelming and there are areas which can be overlooked. These are areas the homeowner will use every day and they need the same thoughtful attention as the rest of the home. Here are a few ideas to consider when building your new home:

Garage Storage

Garages are designed as car storage areas. This is their function and is more and more turning into an unattainable goal. A prudent homeowner will recognize the need for storage solutions before the storage becomes an overwhelming issue. Looking honestly at storage needs. Planning storage areas can make all the difference in the future functionality of this area.

The Driveway

Driveways are often overlooked by those building a home. Interior design and curb appeal take a front seat in the design decisions. Concrete driveways will wear down over time. This can cause concrete dust to get into the garage and onto vehicles and items stored in the garage. This does not happen with an asphalt driveway. Asphalt has other advantages. It is not subject to breaking and cracking due to freeze and thaw cycles. It is permeable and allows water to flow through it which will make it a more acceptable driveway substance for many communities. New home builders will benefit when they pay attention to this important part of the curb appeal of a home being built.

The Backyard

A great design plan can make a house a home with all the comforts inside. Outdoor living should not take a backseat to this concept, it should be right there with it. Designing outdoor spaces is very important. Curb appeal has become a buzz phrase for many in the real estate community. This area can be a spot for quiet reflection in the outdoors. It can be a place where the children play. It can be a large family gathering area for summer barbeques and other family celebrations. Whatever the functions, it needs design attention when the home is being designed and built. Good planning can make this area more functional and easier to maintain for years of use.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is often forgotten about, and the last thing that gets updated in the home. Consider ways to make your laundry room more efficient. You can add an island in the middle with storage for linens and a table top to fold clothes. It’s important to consider storage in this area. Make sure there is plenty of shelving and cabinets.

Building a new home is a process with many design choices. Making a home custom built is becoming more and more the norm in today’s market. Making solid decisions with end goals in mind is important. Overlooked areas need design attention to make it easier to live within the home.

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