Out of the Woodwork: Cute Ideas for a Covered Garden

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Your garden can be a place where you plant flowers and vegetables, or it can be a place where you sit to enjoy the peace of the outdoors. One of the ways you can add some personality to your garden is by building a cute cover. These are easy to do, and there are several ways that you can incorporate designs from your home to the cover. 

Miniature Cover

If you like the design of the outside of your home, then try to make a replica that goes over your garden. Use the same materials, but on a much smaller scale. A supplier might be able to match the wood of your house. If you have any special additions, then add them to the cover, but you will need to make them in a smaller design so that they will fit on ledges or even a small composite decking design in Edmonton you can build. 

Birds and Butterflies

The beauty and tranquility of birds and butterflies in a garden can be yours simply by adding feeders over the garden. You can also place wire birdhouses with green leaves in the tree so the birds have somewhere to sit while you admire their colors and chirping. Hang the houses with a burlap sack to give a natural look over the garden. 

A Bug’s Life

If you are creative, then you can design a bug’s world that is made of grass and wood. Find pieces of wood that are in various shapes at a supplier. You can make caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs and more with just a few additions of flowers and other greenery to the wood after it’s carved. Place your creations in the garden so it looks like they have taken over the area. You can also hang insects over the garden after they are created, to make it look like they are flying. This is an idea that children would like because of the colors and creativity that can be used. You can even have the kids paint them.


When you think about your garden, you might think about a pond being added, but if there isn’t a lot of extra room, you can create a waterfall in a much smaller space. Place a shed with clear sides over the garden. You will need to add a sprinkler system on the top of the shed so when the water is turned on, it will look like there is a waterfall on all sides. Add some lights to give an elegant look for parties and sitting outside in the evening. 

If you are even slightly creative, you can create covers for your garden that will dazzle family and friends. Some of the ideas only take a few materials, and you can add your own colors and personal touches to make your garden unique.

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