7 High Tech Accessories You Need for Your Garage

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With the innovations in the car and garage accessory field, it’s never been easier for you to upgrade your garage with high-tech gadgets that will definitely make your life easier. The following seven upgrades are discussed because of their importance and value. The quality of each item listed will depend on your personal budget, but simply upgrading with base level products will still provide you with a modern look and will tightly secure your garage.

Garage Door Opening Upgrades

Garage door opening mechanisms are the obvious choice for one of the first replacements. Improvements each year are geared towards smooth operation, security, and of course aesthetic properties. When planning an upgrade, look for newer models that offer auxiliary power options. This ensures that your garage door will work even during a power outage. Newer garage door mechanisms also provide higher-quality belt systems allowing the entire door system to function quieter and smoother. Moreover, a new garage system with smartphone and tablet connectivity functions allow you to monitor your garage away from home.

New & Improved Garage Door

The next topic is naturally the garage door itself. The garage door is usually purchased separately from the opening mechanism. Garage doors are improved every year and these improvements are focused on insulation, security, and look (Source: The Garage Door Co Ltd.). The better the quality the warmer or cooler the garage stays. This is a big deal because the temperature inside of the garage will greatly affect the temperature inside the home.

Garage Floor Upgrades

New high-tech flooring allows homeowners to upgrade the base of the garage. Certain high-tech flooring companies offer flooring systems that are made of extremely durable materials. When changing the color scheme of your garage, new garage flooring tiles make it easy to add a modern and sleek look to your garage base.

High Tech Parking Accessories

A newer and intelligent addition to the high-tech accessories category is the laser parking guide. When the garage door is opened and a vehicle pulls into view, a laser appears and leads the car in to a predetermined parking space. This gadget is especially useful for multiple-car garages.

Garage Clean Up Accessories

A lightweight and power-suction vacuum will ensure that the garage is kept as tidy as a man can keep it. A detachable hand-held feature will allow car owners to keep the interior of the car as clean as the interior of the garage.

Garage Area Organization

A battery charging stations provides the remedy to a dead battery. Portable battery chargers are also recommended, but don’t work as fast as a large stationary battery charger.

Garage Lighting Upgrades

Flood and emergency lighting offers added security and protection. Most new flood lights run on auxiliary power. This protects homeowners from potential home invasions and keeps you from tripping or falling going to and from your vehicle.

Most high-tech upgrades to your garage, while sometimes costly, almost always provide extra security and assurance. Many of these upgrades are improved upon each year with user safety in mind. Any upgrade is worth the money to the biggest entry point into your home.

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