Roofing Options To Consider When Building Your New Home

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When you’re putting a lot of money into building your home, you want to make sure you’re picking the right roof for your home and the area’s climate. Making the wrong choice could end up in expensive repairs or replacements down the road. Here’s how to choose the best roof for what you need.

Composition Shingles

This is the typical roof you see on most homes. It’s by far the cheapest type of roof you can have installed. While they’re affordable and generally hardy, they only last about 20 years and need cleaned to remove any moss and debris that’s built up over the months.

Metal Roofing

You won’t just find metal roofs on farm buildings anymore. More and more people have seen the benefits of them, and there are different styles to choose from. Metal roofing is long-lasting and some of them come with lifetime warranties. They’re fire, wind, and hail resistant and there’s very little maintenance involved. This is a good example of how high-quality roofing material will pay off in the end, say the experts at Metal Roof Outlet Inc.

Clay or Concrete Tiles

Areas heavy with Spanish influence have a lot of homes with clay tiled roofs. These tiles last for a long time and are great for dry climates. However, they are easily damaged by hail, so if you live in an area with frequent storms, you’d better steer clear. Humidity will quickly turn the tiles green as the clay is a perfect host for moss growth.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles hang from nails so they aren’t good for roofs where water may pool. Slate can last for decades and is great at repelling snow and rain. If you live in the east, this is a great option for frequent snowstorms. It is expensive as a supply, though, and you’ll spend more in labor because it requires certain skills and tools to install. However, getting the right material for your roof if you live in a area that gets storms is important.

Plastic Polymer Shingles

Because they’re synthetic, you can get polymer shingles to mimic any look you want. They’re relatively long lasting and require little maintenance. If you’re wanting a more green-friendly roof, there are many on the market that are made from recycled materials. They can be used on steep sloped roofs, and they have a high wind resistance

Wood Shingles/Shakes

Wood shingles are most commonly made of cedar because of its high rot resistance. Cedar weathers to a neutral gray color, meaning the wood can match almost any house color. They do have the shortest lifespan of most roofing materials and they do need maintenance to repair damaged shingles and remove any algae or moss growth.

Talk to an experienced contractor about the best material type for your area. Depending on the area’s climate, there might be a type that just makes more sense for your home over others.

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