Down with the Garage! Helpful Tips for Tearing Down Your Old Garage and Building a New One

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An older garage may be dilapidated, moldy or have other issues that make it undesirable to have on your property. Rather than renovate it, you may be thinking about starting from scratch by building a new garage from the ground up.

If you have been thinking about tearing down an old garage, you may be hesitant due to the massive undertaking of this project. When you tear a structure down and build a new one in its place, there is a lot to consider—how can we ensure a safe tear-down? What do we do with the debris once the garage is down? Where is the best place to start for the new garage? The list goes on and on.

As you can see, this is no small project, but if you are ready for your old garage to bite the dust, it is doable. If this is your plan, think about a few of the following points to ensure the best results.

Consult With an Electrician

Most garages have electrical wiring in the walls, and this may be used for lighting, garage door opener power, water heater energy and more. If you plan to tear the structure down, you need to make sure that the conditions are as safe as possible. You may consider working with an electrician to cut off the power to this area of the property. The electrician can later return to re-wire the new structure before you put up the drywall and add the finishing touches.

Think About Refuse Removal

When you tear down a garage, it can generate more waste than you might think. From the drywall and electrical features to the roofing material, doors and other items, the amount of waste can be significant. Professional refuse removal services can be used to haul away the items. You can rent a large trash bin to keep on-site, or the refuse removal company may load up a pile of trash that you have accumulated during the project and carry it off all at one time.

Hire a Framing Contractor

If you do not have carpentry experience or if you are not confident with your skills, you may reach out to a contractor for assistance with the framing. The quality of the frame will play a critical role in the overall integrity of the garage itself. This is what the roof, drywall and other components will rest on. Reach out to a contractor to frame the structure if necessary.

Consider Prefabricated Structures

While building a garage from the ground up is one option, another idea is to buy a prefabricated structure. This is a common option for those who are building a detached garage. These may be high-quality structures built from weather-resistant materials, and they may provide you with a faster, easier and attractive solution to your construction project.

Tearing down an older garage and replacing it with a new one can be beneficial. However, this can also be a time-consuming and strenuous task. Before you get started, think about the advice above. These tips can help you to enjoy a better overall process from start to finish and ensure that the project goes smoothly. Don’t start tearing anything down until you have laid a plan for the wiring, waste removal, framing, and other elements that will be required for this project.

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    Well said! It is really important to hire only experts that are highly trained and well equipped so that they can handle any situation! Sometimes, gardens and outdoor areas can generate a lot of waste and rubbish and that’s why regular maintenance is required in order to prevent health and fire hazards and make tearing down the old garage easier!

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