Office Space: What to Do When the Furnace Breaks

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Your furnace is tasked with the important responsibility of keeping your office space warm on cold winter days. It is responsible for providing you and your employees with a comfortable and safe working environment despite the frigid weather outside. A furnace may break periodically due to wear and tear, age or other factors, and this can ultimately impact your company’s ability to function and to be productive. There are a few things you can do when this unfortunate event happens that can help you to restore the heat to your space as soon as possible.

Check the Pilot Light

A common reason why a furnace may stop functioning is because the pilot light has gone out. If you find that the pilot light has gone out then try to re-light it as soon as possible. If you have a lighter or matches handy, then relighting the pilot light should be simple. If the pilot light starts up then you will no longer have anything to worry about. Sometimes lighting it can be tricky so you will want to try this a couple times before calling a professional.

However, if all else fails, you could wait for a professional HVAC technician to diagnose this problem, or you should simply look at the pilot to see if it is lit. If not, re-igniting it may be a quick fix to the solution that could restore heat to the area within minutes. There are many reasons why a furnace may stop working, so you may still be required to contact a professional for a diagnostic and repair service.

Call for Repair Service

After running your own quick inspection of the system, you should immediately contact a repair company for assistance. During cold weather conditions, even those companies that promise emergency repair service and a fast turnaround time can become overwhelmed with service requests from others in the same situation as you. By calling for service immediately, you will be placed on their list so that you receive assistance as soon as possible.

Rent a Trailer Mounted Boiler

Even when you make an effort to call for repair service immediately, it may still be several hours or even days during a peak time for HVAC companies before help arrives. It is not feasible for your office space to be without a heat source for this lengthy period of time. Therefore, you may consider alternative heat sources. If you have a very small office, investing in a cheap portable heater may be ideal. For larger spaces, renting a trailer mounted boiler can provide the heat you need until the furnace is repaired (Source: Nationwide Boiler).

The discovery that your furnace is broken is never a pleasant surprise especially if you are in the middle of a cold winter, but there are steps you can take to move past this issue gracefully. Until the problem is remedied, your work environment may not be hospitable for your employees to function in. This may be a good time to invest in some space heaters and blankets until you can get the main problem fixed. Follow these steps, and you may be able to restore heat to your space without delay.

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