The Green Thumb: How to Add a Creative Touch to Your Garden

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Creating a beautiful garden takes more than just picking out the right plants. You also have to look for the extra touches that help to set off the splendor of the plants. If you don’t add these accents, you garden will be boring no matter how gorgeous the plants are. If you want your garden to look its best, follow these tips to add a creative touch to your garden.

Create a Path

The best gardens offer visitors an immersive experience. There is no better way to experience a garden than to walk through it on a lovely path. When you create a path in your garden, you must follow two basic rules. The first rule for garden paths is to use natural materials to create the paths. You can make a simple path with wood chips. To get more extravagant, you can create a garden path made from stone. This is more work, but it also makes for a much longer-lasting path.

As for the other rule of thumb, garden paths must not run straight. It is very easy to ruin the natural look of a garden if you put a straight path in it. Instead, you should create a winding path that meanders through the garden. This will help to enhance the natural beauty of the garden, and it will also help to encourage visitor to linger in the garden.

Statues and Hedges

Depending on how much of an artsy person you are, you might want to consider adding in some statues and hedges in your garden. You want to add something that complements your artistic side or your style. With the hedges, you can trim them and design them in many various different ways. However, if you decide to go this route, keep in mind that you will have to trim them fairly often in order to maintain that design. It is a lot of work, but if you do it right, it can look really cool.


You can never go wrong by adding a fountain to your garden. Fountains are a great way to center a garden. They help to draw the eye along the sightlines that you wish to emphasize in your garden. When you are placing a fountain in your garden, make sure not to use one that is so big that it overwhelms the scale of the space.


Adding a fence around your garden is another creative way to enhance its beauty. Fences are a good idea for a variety of reasons. Not only do they make your garden more beautiful, but they also help to keep pests out. If you want to go for maximum attractiveness, you should use an iron fence to surround your garden (Source: Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc.).

Your garden can make or break how beautiful your yard and your home looks. It takes some hard work to create a lovely garden, but the results are well worth the effort. Just remember to always keep in mind that a garden is more than just plants. The accessories you use to set off your garden will go a long way towards determining how people view it.

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