Home Survival: What to do When Your Home Loses Heat in the Cold Winter

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Winter is right around the corner. The weather is getting cold. It is time to turn on the heat in the house. However, you notice that your energy bill is going through the roof because your home is losing heat. The loss of heat in the winter can be from a number of factors. Heat loss can make your home feel colder. This will cause the furnace to work overtime since most homeowners will turn up the thermostat when the home is chilly. This increases home energy bills. There are simple ways to learn where your home is losing heat, and fix the areas to reduce cold spots and warm up the home again.

How to Check for Leaks

Usually, you’ll notice a cold spot in a normally warm room. It can be tough to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. An old-fashioned but effective method of leak detection is a lit candle. Slowly move the candle around until you see it flicker. Leaks are usually around window frames, door frames or baseboards. There can also be heat loss around mail slots, pet doors and sliding glass doors. Once you’ve located all the leaks, they will need to be sealed with caulking. It is relatively inexpensive at the hardware store.

Window Film

Double-pane or double-glazed windows keep much of the cold out of the home, but not every home has them. To protect against the cold, you can purchase window insulating film. This film is attached to the frame of the window with mounting tape then sealed tight with a warm dryer. It produces a barrier against the cold and will keep your home warm in the winter.

Gaps Under the Door

An inexpensive way to block the cold from entering the home is with door draft stoppers that can be purchased from many department or hardware stores. They can be made of durable fabric filled with sand or a rubber flap that is attached to the bottom of the door.

Furnace Repair

After checking your home for heat loss locations, the home should be warm and toasty without turning up the thermostat to high levels. If the home is still cool, there could be a problem with the furnace itself. Routine maintenance of the home’s heating system is essential, but furnaces do break down even if the homeowner has been vigilant about checkups and fixes. A heating company like Shorty’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. can check the furnace to be sure it’s running properly or recommend a repair or a new furnace if there are serious issues.

Home heating costs can be extremely high in the winter without these simple fixes. If you live somewhere that gets especially cold in the winter time, then you definitely want to take these precautions. Check the entire home for leaks to stop the home from losing heat and lower energy costs. If needed, have a professional come look at your home to see how you can more efficiently heat your home. In the end, you might even find that it will save you a few bucks on your monthly energy bill.

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