5 Things to Know if You Plan to Do a Home Demolition or Remodel on Your Own

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Do-it-yourself has become a popular concept these days. With the increase of available information and advice, and the development of affordable quality tools, more and more people are choosing to do the work themselves—especially when it comes to home improvement. Labor can be expensive, especially when you are funding a long-term kitchen remodel, or digging out the basement. This is why many homeowners are opting to demolish or remodel their homes on their own. Whether you’re taking it down or putting it up, if you’re contemplating doing some work to your place, there are five things you should know before you start. 

Know your Budget

Before you get your hands dirty, plan out your project from start to finish. Get estimates on materials, tools and manpower. Things like building permits and waste removal costs can add up quickly. You don’t want to get most of the way there, and run out of money. Projects left incomplete will cost more to finish later, so creating an itemized budget with estimates will help you avoid a bigger cost later on.

Know your Limitations

Even if you’re fairly handy, there are some things that require a professional. Attempting something that is beyond your skill level is going to affect the quality of your work, or greatly increase the cost by paying someone else to fix it. Yes, there are helpful tutorials and information on the internet, but if there are tools you’ve never used and dangerous procedures, now is not the time to learn. If a project goes awry, you’ll have to pay a lot for a professional to fix it, or live with a sloppy remodel.

Know the Rules

Even if you own the property, there are laws about what you can and can’t do. Breaking or damaging underground utility lines can be very expensive, and very dangerous. Most utility companies will do a free locate—use it. According to the professionals of Machinery Access who offer used Caterpillar equipment for sale, building or repairing most any structure will require a building permit. Not only can you be fined for not having one, most home insurance policies are rendered void if work is done to the home without one.

Know your Tools

Most do-it-your-self types will have a fairly adequate collection of tools. However, most of us don’t own the really fun stuff like back hoes and loaders. There should be several equipment rental companies in your area that can get you what you need. Most importantly, use the right tool for each job. Improvising can be costly and dangerous, and as mentioned before, if you don’t know how to use a heavy-duty tool or piece of machinery, it is not a good idea to teach yourself.

Know your Materials

If you’re tearing stuff down, you need to know what you’re handling. Even though asbestos is not real common, there will be significant amounts of dust in the air. Protect yourself. Any project will have scrap material left over that can’t go in the garbage can, so you might have to make a trip to the land fill. Make sure you have the proper disposal methods to ensure that you don’t have dangerous materials hanging around the house or the yard.

Whether you plan to remodel a single room or the entire house, the importance of proper planning cannot be stressed enough. Plan out a detailed budget. Recruit professionals if you need their help on certain projects. Obtain the proper permits for all equipment and work. Use the proper tools for each job. Keep yourself safe from hazardous materials throughout the demolition process. By keeping these tips in mind, you can crown yourself the DIY king or queen as you enjoy a successful home remodel completed by your own two hands.

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