Home Improvement Projects Every Homeowner Should Know About To Save Money

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What you don’t do can cost you. When it comes to home improvements, not doing the following can cost you hundreds of dollars in water and energy usage a year. When looking at home improvement options, start with those that save you money to see the quickest return on your investment.

#1: Seal Everything

Weather sealing is one of the simplest home improvement projects that provides the biggest returns. Drafty windows and doors let the cold air in during winter, while letting the cool air out during summer. This leads to increased heating and cooling costs year-round. Check the weatherstripping around every window and door, and replace it if it’s worn, damaged or missing. Don’t forget to inspect the weather stripping around attached garage doors, too. Upgrading your windows and doors can also help save you money. Insulated windows and storm windows are an excellent investment.

#2: Insulate Everything

Many homes, especially older homes, are insulated as well as they should be. The easiest way to upgrade your homes insulation is to use a blow-in insulation in the walls. This requires the drilling of a small hole in the wall, between the wall studs. Insulation is blown-in, and then the holes is patched and painted. Attic insulation is also important. You can use blown-in or batting insulation in an unfinished attic. Just make sure to leave space between the top of the insulation and the attic ceiling so moisture condensation doesn’t collect in the insulation.

#3: Replace Your Appliances

The appliances in your home are sucking energy, which leads to higher electric or heating bills and less money in your wallet. Upgrading your fridge, washer and dryer to an Energy-Star appliance is a smart and easy improvement to complete. Your furnace, hot water heater, and even the dishwasher could also be energy drains. Replacement to a newer, more efficient model is the best option, but you can also take other steps to improve the furnace and hot water heater. Lower your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and use a water heater blanket to avoid wasting energy. Keep your furnace properly maintained and change the filters monthly to ensure maximum efficiency.

#4: Improve Your Plumbing

A small leak can equal big money down the drain. In many cases, you can fix a leak my simply replacing the washer in the handle. You may also have hidden leaks, such as a leaking toilet base. For harder-to-repair leaks, upgrade to new faucets and fixtures. When you upgrade, look for water-miser options, such as low-flow shower heads or toilets. Spending a little now can save you hundreds down the road. You should also clean sewer lines, especially if you start to notice problems, since this can be an expensive repair. Hydro-excavating can reduce the risk of damage to your pipes and save you money in the long run.

These home improvements may not provide the visual impact of a new paint job or floor, but they are vital if you want to avoid money pits down the road. Spend on the things that matter now so you can free up the cash for visual improvements later.

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