Building a Home? Four Things You Didn’t Know You Would Be Paying For

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For those who are looking to build their own home, it can often be an exciting step that involves choosing each design and the overall layout of the property. For many people, it’s a long-awaited project that allows them to build the home of their dreams. Although it can be an exciting investment, there are a few expenses that are not always expected when building a home.


When hiring a builder to work on your dream home, a common problem is hiring someone who does not prepare the land beforehand. The cost of excavation and drainage can significantly increase the overall cost of the project due to soil samples that must be taken and wetland or protected habitat reviews that may be required. Ask the builder if this is included in the quote that you’re provided with before anything is put in writing.

Portable Bathroom Rentals

When it comes to having a team of workers build your home, an unexpected expense is renting portable restrooms to meet the needs of each person who is hired. Portable units and handwash stations should be available on the grounds with the crew that you hired according to Pitton Portables, a company that provides portable bathroom rentals.


Permits are an essential component of building your own home to ensure that you have approval from the city. Your builder will be able to tell you if it’s included in the quote that he provides you, which should be agreed upon before signing the contract. The price of the permits will depend on the area and will approve water testing, drilling, sewer, and utilities.


When creating the overall design of your home and working on a floorplan that is most functional for your family, it can be easy to forget about the landscaping that is needed to enhance the appearance of the home. Grass will need to be put in, as well as shrubs or flowers that will add extra curb appeal. If the land has a slope, it will also add to the cost of landscaping with the project.

When it comes to building your dream home and hiring a builder who can accomplish the vision that you have in mind, it can be easy to let important details slip through the cracks. To ensure that you are able to afford the project and have every expense in mind, there are some essentials to factor in before it’s time to break ground.

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