Building Your Dream Home? Consider These Suggestions

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A white picket fence with shutters and window planters on a large plot of land that overlooks a lush, green park. Most people have an idea of what they want in a dream home but when it comes time to build they might opt for a different route. Before building a dream home, everything from the design concept to the area should be analyzed. A modern house should be comfortable, energy efficient and safe. Here are just a few suggestions for those who are still on the fence about what they want in the dream home.

Green Design

A modern home should have a green design that cuts down utility bills. Passive solar concepts can be used to heat up the interior of a home with thermal mass such as natural rocks. Retractable skylights provide natural illumination and they could be closed off easily. Rooftop solar panels generate enough heat to sustain continuous operation in a water heater. Solar powered landscapes lights should be integrated into an efficient modern landscaping layout. A dream home should integrate fireproof materials that include natural stones, gypsum and reinforce concrete. Custom landscaping can also add aesthetics, shade and soil stability to a property.


The neighborhood of a dream home is perhaps the only factor that’s out of the control of a buyer. It’s a good idea to research local statistics about crime especially burglaries and vandalism. Residents who have children should review the local school district that’s officially assigned based on location within a specific community. A neighborhood for a dream home should be inspected for any natural hazards that include flooding from nearby creeks or landslides from some steep muddy hills. The presence of local wildlife like bears and deer could also be disruptive to a neighborhood. A family friendly area, like a Perry Homes Southern Utah development, should have plenty of recreational facilities and open green spaces. Vehicle traffic and pollution reports might also be obtained from local municipalities.

Water Supply

Before building a dream home, it’s important to find out the type of water supply that’s available. Some properties have their own deep underground wells. Such sources of water will have to be treated by whole-house filtration systems that could be costly to install and maintain. It’s a good idea to obtain a water quality report that’s generated by local health departments and other environmental protection agencies. Sometimes, even the municipal water supply might have a persistent problem like hardness and presence of chemical by-products from nearby farms or industrial operations.


Some remote rural areas or suburbs don’t have fiber optic cables running under the ground. Homeowners in such regions usually have to rely on using satellites to receive high speed internet connections and an extensive lineup of TV channels. However, satellite signals are prone to interference from flying aircraft, radio towers and other infrastructure that sends out electromagnetic waves including major antennas at municipal and military buildings.

Consider all of these things when dreaming about building you very own dream home as there are many routes you can go.

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