5 Classy Window Designs with Character

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Homeowners seeking to break out of the generic suburban aesthetic have many options to mull over when contemplating a renovation. Swapping one window style for another is a great way to personalize a home and boost its functionality at the same time. The following window designs add class to any home and work for a wide variety of floor plans.

The Bay Window

While they typically require a fair amount of modification to install, few window designs complement a home like the classic bay style. Besides the fact that they help to maximize light, they also provide a great space for relaxing. Bay windows have the added benefit of potentially increasing home values since they’re beloved by so many.

The Awning Window

Despite their minimalist appearance, awning windows allow for a plethora of variations insofar as appearance is concerned. Awning windows are hinged at the top so that they can swing outwards at the bottom. If you want to go above and beyond the basics, opt for a rotational winding opener and a classy white pine frame.

The Casement Window

When most people think of casement windows, they essentially picture an awning window turned on its side that’s oriented vertically. While that perception is more or less accurate, it overlooks the great versatility and diversity inherent in casement models. If you desire an old-fashioned look for your modern home, casement windows are a great choice.

The Double-Hung Window

The obvious alternative to boring single-hung models, double-hung windows are easy to install and drastically improve window utility. Double-hung windows from places like Retro Teck Window boast dual sashes so that either the top or bottom frame can slide up or down as you see fit. The great thing about double-hung windows is that they don’t require any major opening modifications.

The Slider Window

Like awning windows, sliders are deceptively simple and can be adapted to any environment. Sliding windows are often used in vacation homes since they can be crammed into any space and allow for lots of sunlight and fresh air to enter. Sliders are fairly inexpensive, easy to install and as compact as you want them to be.

Change Is Just a Frame Away

There’s a whole world of exciting window opportunities out there to explore that can rejuvenate any property. Doing your research is critical if you want to find the best fit for your home. Put some thought into your choices and you’ll be surprised at the difference that fresh window designs can make.

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