Mistakes Not To Make When Choosing A Roof Contractor

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Your roof is the only component of your home that keeps the outdoors elements outside and protects your furnishings and internal elements. When you are in the market for a contractor to replace your outdated roof, or you have a need for emergency roofing repairs, it is important to choose a reliable contractor that you can trust. If you want to find a contractor that does not sacrifice quality for speed but still completes projects by the deadline, you will need to do your homework. Here are 4 common mistakes that you should avoid as you search for the perfect roofer in Toronto:

Hiring an Unlicensed Roofer To Save Money

Many homeowners choose to cut corners and hire a neighborhood handy man to do work around their home so that they do not have to pay exorbitant labor fees. While handymen can be trusted to perform minor repairs, you should always hire a licensed professional when you are having work done on your roof. A minor mistake can turn a fully functional roof into one that requires major professional repairs. Avoid the headache and protect yourself by hiring a licensed contractor with a good reputation.

Choosing a Contractor Based on Solely Price Rather Than Service

Price is important, but you need an expert in roofing repair and materials to help you select the best type of roof for your home. Before you begin comparing price quotes, you should review many companies so that you find one that offers some type of value for your money. For example, Metal Roof Outlet Inc., a company that provides metal roofing in Toronto, offers value by offering impeccable site clean-up and priding itself in worker safety. Think about what you value the most in addition to paying a competitive price and then choose your contractor of choice.

Failing to Verify That the Contractor is Insured

Did you know that you could be liable for injuries to a third-party if there is any type of accident when contractors are on your premises? This is why it is critical to verify the contractor that you hire has active liability insurance before they come onsite. To verify the contractor’s insurance is active, ask them to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance directly from their commercial insurer. This form will show the term, the limits, and the name of the insurer if you need to contact them for any claims.

Not Getting a Written Estimate or Contract

You want to think that you can trust your contractor, but not all roofing contractors are honest. To protect yourself, you should do business with a contractor who will give you an estimate in writing that includes the cost of materials and labor. The document should also show you what will happen if there is a change order. Written estimates can prevent disaster at the end of a project.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes so that you can be 100% confident with the choice that you make. By speaking with companies directly, asking the right questions, and considering quality before you consider price, you can choose the best roof contractor.

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