How To Build Your Home Around Your Furniture Taste

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Designing and building your home to reflect your unique style can be the most fundamental decision you make – your taste in décor, furniture, and layout can dramatically impact how comfortable you are in your home and should be taken into consideration before embarking on building a home. Even in renovations, consider your furniture taste before going any further in the process.

Location Still Matters

There is a substantial difference between a lakeside log cabin and a Manhattan high-rise and it is important to consider how you want each environment to look. Round log furniture may be right at home in a cabin in the woods but may clash horribly in a sleek, modern layout dedicated to smooth lines.

Consider Color Palette and Themes

Many people embark on a decorating spree without taking into consideration the importance of palettes and themes. Deciding which colors and if there is a theme to your home are essential in pulling each design element together. Findley Lake Trading Co. suggests considering the theme of your home carefully – a huntsman’s retreat may look different from a lakeside cabin but fireside lodge furniture may look excellent in both layouts depending on the theme being considered.

Attention to Detail Counts

When pulling together your home’s look, pay attention to unique details that really elevate the overall feel of your design. Whether it is rope elements in nautical themes, artwork that reflects color palette, or rug design selections, these details can take an otherwise simple look and transform it into a breathtaking and striking environment for your family and guests. Lamps, linens, pillows, curtains, and furniture are all detailed elements that can help elevate your design and ensure your home is built around your design vision.

Lifestyle Considerations for Furniture and Design

Acknowledging and understanding lifestyles is another essential design element that will ensure you are satisfied with your layout for years to come. Busy families may not gravitate to the same features that a single businesswoman would and looking closely at furniture selection will make sure your choices are appropriate. Furniture and design elements that will stand up to family wear-and-tear, pets, and young children will probably not include extensive glass features and delicate fabrics such as silk and dry-clean only curtains.

Whatever your furniture or design taste is, building your home around these selections will ensure you will be happy and comfortable in your interior world – until it’s time for a change!

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