Home Designs That Have Made A Come Back This Year

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Most will agree design is cyclical. What is popular now will gradually become unpopular for a time and then become popular again in a few years. These trends are as predictable as the seasons, with only the occasional improvisation thrown in for variety. Home design is no different. In fact, what was old is new again in 2014

Back in Black

Color combinations seem to be the home design emphasis this year. The most popular color is basic black, which has been combined with other decorative accents to produce rooms that are at once elegant and understated. Fashion experts will tell you black goes with everything, and home designers are taking advantage of this well known color principle to bring a sense of the dramatic to home designs.

More Space

The open-concept kitchen is a feature that has been on the rise for a number of years and now has become common enough to be considered a potential standard among designers. As appliance engineers take advantage of the additional space, architects have seized on the opportunity to take as many walls out of the house’s heart as possible. As entertaining becomes more popular, so will places for people to gather. The new open kitchen seems to be the designer’s consensus on the best place for those gatherings.

Energy Efficiency

Right alongside the upgrade to open spaces and basic colors has been the transition to energy and water-efficient appliances. Most experts agree the right surfaces on both the interior and exterior of a structure’s walls will also dramatically improve its energy efficiency and reduce costs for a wide range of utility types including both electricity and gas.

Siding for a Beach Feel

The various textures and colors of home siding can give your house a sea-side appearance and the feel of a beach house. According to A Clark Roofing & Siding Ltd, one of a number of siding contractors in Edmonton, choosing the right material for siding is one of the keys to making certain the improvements enhance the home’s appearance. It is also crucial to take weather, humidity and other environmental factors into consideration when deciding what kind of siding to install.

Counters and Energy Options

There are various other trends at work including a transition away from granite counter-tops to quartz and attempts to make homes more durable in terms of generational differences. But by and large these three major trends are driving progress in home design. The focus on energy is likely to instruct most future improvements in design, and it is likely we will start to see renewable energy options becoming more widely available as well.

Undoubtedly within a few years, the quartz counter-tops and the multi-generational interior fixtures will be out of favor and we’ll be hearing about a whole new set of exciting developments. In the meantime, homeowners and buyers will concentrate on the improvements that matter most.

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