7 Building Renovations for Your Office This Winter

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Winter is a good time for interior renovations, since the outside cannot be worked on. Renovations do not have to be large expensive projects, but rather, a series of small projects usually does the job. With a little effort, your office can look new again.

Interior Lighting

Consider restoring the lights. Do a cost analysis, and determine if it’s cheaper to restore or replace. Areas of concern includes frayed wires, flickering, or burned out components. Also, the globes and light screens should be washed and dried.

Wall and Panel Renovations

If walls are dingy, repainting or new paneling will give them a new lease on life. If possible, re-upholster the dividing panels. As a rule of thumb, light colors make a room look bigger, while dark colors make a room look smaller.

Window Treatments

Window treatments, such as venetian blinds should be evaluated for renovation. They could be restored or replaced, whichever is more cost-effective. The new window treatments should coordinate well with the colors in the office, and an interior designer who can give you some tips.

Plumbing and Pipe Inspection

Supply lines and drain pipes do develop small leaks over time. These leaks may go undetected for years. Winter is the time to do pipe inspections, since its indoor work. One good way to do pipe inspection is by x-ray testing since this causes no harm to pipes. Specialized companies use x-ray equipment that detect hairline cracks. If your office is an industrial setting, x-ray testing can be done on industrial pipes as well.

Flooring and Carpeting Renovations

An office is a high traffic area, and the carpeting may be worn thin in spots. Take a look at it, and determine if the entire carpeting needs replacing, or just little areas. Another option worth considering is carpet removal and installing hard flooring instead.

Electrical Systems Upgrade

Electrical codes change over time. Many office buildings were built years ago, and the electrical system is far outdated. You should upgrade the system, so it’s to code. A consideration is insurance rates and liability. If your office is not to code, insurance companies will look upon you unfavorably.

Duct Work Cleaning

This involves vacuuming out the duct work, removing years of accumulated dust. This can be during the weekend, when the office is closed. Ductwork cleaning is done by specialized vacuum cleaners that have extra-long nozzles and brushes.

Overall, renovating an office affects worker morale in a positive way. A person feels happier working in a fresh environment, as opposed to an old dingy one. Renovations do not have to be large expensive projects, since the little projects can really spruce up an area equally well.

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