Clean Your Solar Panels to Boost Cell Efficiency

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If you want to maintain your solar panels in a good condition and keep their efficiency in the right level you need to clean them regularly and properly. This way you also ensure the validity of your solar system warranty. Solar panels are exposed to direct contact with different weather conditions and tend to gather dust, dirt, stains and birds’ stools. They prevent the direct sunlight, from which the solar panels gather their energy. Energy loss caused by dirty solar panels is estimated to be around  25%. Regular cleaning ensures the properly functioning of your solar system, increases its power and boosts its cell efficiency.

Solar panels have a tendency of gathering  mostly dust.  It should be removed from the them regularly and properly so that they will work properly. Solar Energy Power Association has estimated  that solar panels, filled with grime and dust decrease their productivity up to 20%. University research made these days has uncovered that dirty solar panels waste 50% of their effectiveness compared to cleaned ones. Regular and properly done cleaning of the solar panels’ glasses saves your warranty and ensures that your solar panels will produce the maximum electricity possible. This will protect your investment and save you money.

Rain won’t clean your solar panels. The reason for this is that rain gathers airborne dust particles, which fix themselves and stay on the surface of your solar panels. These particles stay there when the water from the rain evaporates in the warm weather. If you maximise to the most the quantity of light reaching your solar panels you will definitely improve your financial profits from the electricity. Cleaning your solar panels will surely boost their cell efficiency, Top Tenancy Cleaners guarantee.

Depending on your type of solar panels and the area it is set in there are different ways and frequency for cleaning and maintaining your solar panels clear. Windy and dusty districts require more often cleaning – every week for example. You need to check your manufacturer’s instructions to see how and how often is recommended that your solar panels should be cleaned. Some panels may be too sensitive to strong chemical. Others may have easily breakable parts you need to be careful with. Before starting to clean inspect and check your solar panels to make sure there aren’t any broken wires or parts. If you find such call a technician to fix the problems before you begin to clean. Remove all debris from your panels. Cut out or remove every plant and tree obstructing the direct sunlight to your panels.

To clean your solar panel use a bucket filled with warm water and cleaning solution. Eco-friendly preparations and detergents work perfectly on solar panels’ glasses. You can use a self-made recipe to clean them. A quarter glass of vinegar, half tea spoon of liquid soap or detergent and two glasses of water should be mixed in a bottle with a sprayer. Don’t use abrasive cleaning products and materials to wipe and scrub your solar panels, because they can scratch the glass surfaces and damage them. Use a towel or a sponge to scour and clean. Get your solar panels perfectly clear and clean, but be very careful not to leave scratches on the glasses. Then remove the liquid from them, leaving the glasses dry. For that purpose you can use any glass wiping and drying tool or appliance. Use a cloth which doesn’t leave lint to dry out the edges of the panels.

Solar panels should be so clean, without any particles covering them, that you can use them as a mirror. Every tree, plant or building preventing their access to the sun can lead to loss of energy and less efficiency. Regular and properly done cleaning of the solar panels’ glasses, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, will ensure the properly functioning of the solar panels that you have.

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