Kitchen Remodel? Six Details You Don’t Want To Forget About

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An extensive kitchen remodel can be stressful for any family. Losing sight of the important details is easier to do than you might imagine, and the result is a project that will fall flat and leave you wondering where you went wrong. While there are many things to consider during a kitchen remodeling project, these six details are ones that you don’t want to forget about.


Homeowners should create a lighting plan that is both attractive and functional. While lighting will serve as a wonderful design element, it’s important to remember that task light is essential in any kitchen. It’s fine to have a beautiful hanging fixture over a center island, but don’t forget about functional task lights that help to create productive work surfaces.


Believe it or not, this is an easy design element to overlook. While some homeowners might consider a backsplash to be optional, it’s actually an important feature in the battle to maintain a clean and healthy kitchen. It looks great in almost any color or texture and will make cleaning up much easier.

Appliance Installation

This is another detail that is rarely considered until the last minute. When you’ve spent a respectable amount of money on appliances, it’s important to make certain they’re installed professionally, say the experts at Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. Whether it’s a delicate hookup for natural gas, or the water supply for a state-of-the-art ice maker, professional installation guarantees appliances that perform well and meet the criteria for all applicable warranties. If you try to do this yourself and break something, you will not often get your money back.


Adequate ventilation is essential for any kitchen. Even if you don’t spend much time cooking, the subject of ventilation will come up if you decide to resell the home. Exhaust fans should vent to the outside whenever possible, as this offers the best possible solution for keeping your kitchen air quality at its best.

Kitchen Hardware

Hardware for kitchen cabinets plays a considerable role in the overall look and feel of a newly remodeled kitchen. Choosing the right knobs and drawer pulls will help to accent cabinet finishes, wall coverings, flooring, and even appliances.

Don’t Forget About Function

Many homeowners become so involved with trending design ideas, they begin to overlook the basic notion of a functional kitchen. Homeowners should stick with the fundamentals and build from there. Adequate work surfaces, durable flooring, and clean lines will always win in the end. Keeping things simple is less expensive and longer lasting than a complicated kitchen remodel that may go out of style quickly.

Patience during the design phase will ensure that nothing is left to chance during the remodel. An extra hour considering kitchen hardware easily outweighs the headaches of installing and replacing the wrong products.

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