Roofing Tips for Self Builders

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If you want to apply, select and have high quality roofing slates, ensuring you a stable roof, without having to use the services of technicians and companies, specialized in such services, you need to be informed and know the subtleties about roofing. The main tasks in this activity include selecting, purchasing and fitting the proper roofing slates, before setting them. It’s not an easy task, but can be quite a challenge for self builders.

It is important to choose very high-quality slates for your roof, because they will not only make the first impression as a part of the exterior of your property, but are also designed to stay on your roof for quite a long time, in the best case. So the quality of the roof slates is of utter importance. Properly fixed and applied roofing slates with high quality will outlast your estate and present it in the best possible way.

There is no way you can buy cheap and qualitative roofing slates. Around 85 % of the roof slates in the United Kingdom are transported from other countries and have different quality and grade. If the price of the roofing slates is too cheap, it probably means that they are low class and quality. There is no option of high grade cheap slates. So in this case price shows quality to a great extend. You can compare the money you have spent for your internal floor coverings to the expenses you plan to make on your roofing slates. Don’t make compromises with the quality.

The things you need to check and pay attention when buying your roof slates are a few. You have to check if the slates comply with the  European Standard, if they are independently tested, the history of their use, are they appropriate for the climate of the area, they will be used in. It’s also important to check if the slates have a guarantee and if so is this guarantee from the manufacturer or the distributor and other specifics.

When you buy your roof slates, choose the slates, which have a pallet sticker, showing the country they come from and their quarry. The distributor may not know the origin of the slates and its manufacturer, which show he has no information about their quality at all. Choose and buy only slates, which have CE sign on their label. This shows that they had been tested according to the European standards. But the fact that the slate had been tested doesn’t prove its quality and endurance.

You have to check the label on the box of your slates. They need to have the following minimal test results, proving you can trust in their sustainability and high quality: T1, which verifies for metallic sulphates, leading to corrosion and holes in the slates. S1 sighs checks for carbonate substance, which cause discolouration and lack of density, leading later to slate ruin. The A1 sign shows the ability of the slate to absorb water. These signs prove you can buy the slate and the tests show that it is reliable. While the signs T2, T3, S2, S3 indicate low quality and the low class of the slates.

If you choose a roofing contractor you have to seek for independent accreditation. You can rely on contractors, members of the Competent Roofer Scheme or the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC). Make them show you some recent roofing projects they have fulfilled. You can also talk to their previous clients about the service they had received.

If you have the abilities and resourcefulness, you can lay your own roof slates by yourself. Building and consolidating the roof structure by setting the laths and providing the necessary proper ventilation, you can succeed in this task and do it qualitatively. Ridge tiles give extraordinary, remarkable and exceptional finish to your roof.

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