4 Advantages of the Modular Home

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Pre-fabricated homes have a long history in the United States. However it was in 2000 that an architectural movement had begun, along with the development of modern technologies and the increased need for comfortable, budget friendly and fast built housing. The continuous tech developments combined with awareness on green eco actions brought to light the concept of “green homes” – in the form of modular or pre-fab buildings. Among the many benefits of choosing a modular home, we have selected the 4 most important advantages. Check them out!

Advantage #1: Time

A modular home is built in a factory, indoors, away from the actual site or location. This means that the time for construction is drastically reduced to weeks as opposed to months in the case of a classical home. Also notable is the fact that there are no delays due to bad weather. And because the project is made by one company from start to finish, there are no surprises in terms of details such as window frames that do not fit, delayed works, mixed up orders, unfitting materials, doors, floors and many more. Say goodbye to all that nerve breaking situations and save yourself some time while others deal with everything you asked for. 

Advantage #2: Money

No matter how generous your budget is, it is still better to educate yourself into spending your money wisely. With this new technology, you can expect to pay 20-25% less for a modular house compared to a traditional one. Among many reasons, we can definitely say that pre-fab parts are built on a large scale, so the overall costs tend to be smaller. Think of Ikea furniture, for example. Ikea stated that they build in large numbers, an action that saves them the price of fabrication and helps them minimize potential losses. They have also recently extended to building and delivering pre-fab homes, following the model of the furniture.
Another reason is linked to less time spent on the construction site, less payment to the workers. Although the workers might not like it, it definitely saves us, homeowners some money.

Advantage #3: Limitless Design Options

Did you think that modular homes look all the same? Think again. Thanks to the modular system, there are practically no design limitations. You can sketch your dream home on paper and turn it into reality with less architectural constraints than in the case of a traditional home. Your imagination on design should however be complimentary to your budget size. Chances are that the more special design requests you have, the more the overall cost increases. Although fear not, there are plenty of great budget-friendly designs out there, as well.

Advantage #4: Green Homes

Modular homes are considered to be a form of “green buildings”. They use less material, energy and time to produce and are usually made of environmental friendly materials, in order to be energy efficient. As of 2010, every continent is adapting the trends. We have modular green homes not is US alone, but also in Europe, Australia, Asia.

Many have taken the green challenge to the next step, rising the previous 5 out of 10 stars minimum standard, to a minimum 6 star energy rating – a movement which started in early 2010 in many countries around the world. This has led to the birth of pre-fab eco-friendly companies that joined in, such as the AMS Group case in Australia. The company is one of the few on its market that offers diverse designs and incorporates energy saving features in every standard model.

So here we are with these four main advantages of choosing a modular house: significant savings in terms of time of construction, up to 20-25% cheaper price, limitless design options and green eco homes.

Would you go for a modular home? Let us know.  

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