6 Ways Designers Can Transform Your Bathroom Renovation

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Beginning a bathroom renovation is rarely a simple task. The best way a homeowner can begin is to hire a designer that is willing to incorporate the elements they most desire. Following are common ideas that work for successful bathroom renovations.

Color Pattern

For those that like to follow specific color schemes throughout the home or for each room, an enhanced bathroom design can take this to a new level. Preferred colors can be added to the flooring, wall paper or paint, countertops or even the toilet. Mixing colors together also adds more versatility, and provides the ability to change color themes throughout the year.

Locale Styles

One interesting and unique design involves taking elements centering around a locale in the world and incorporating those into the bathroom’s style. A designer can pitch ideas to complete the perfect locale-inspired bathroom. Exciting themes include Tuscan, tropical and Asian, among others. A great way to create a tropical theme is to add sea-colored tiles on the walls and in the shower.

Affordable Transformation

Some homeowners simply want new design at a good cost. Subtle changes to just some areas of the bathroom can make a noticeable difference. A number of themes can be added to a room without breaking the bank. Even without a theme, color changes and appliances can be upgraded with the help of companies like Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking in Nova Scotia to fit a budget while still making dreams come true.

Modern Masterpiece

Always a popular theme, the modern bathroom can be interpreted in many ways. Often they will include large windows and smooth lines. Free-standing tubs are common as well, and showers are usually separate with glass walls and rainfall shower heads. Bold colors usually fill a contemporary bathroom. Modern bathroom lighting is soft but warm, concentrated on specific areas of the room. This theme can also be combined with others.

Designs by Age

Most kids and teenagers will want a custom bathroom made for their age group and interests. A bathroom designer can present ideas when the child has no specific desire, or produce the ideas the child would like to have. This is much more simple than trying a DIY method of designing from items available in retail stores.

Feng Shui Styles

Some bathroom designers can devise a plan in line with feng shui principles. According to Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life, “The bathroom is the space dedicated to cleansing and purifying the body. Soaking and unwinding in the bathtub, steaming and lathering in the shower, or simply splashing your face with water restores health and refreshes your emotions.” Because of this cleansing focus, consider making a free-standing tub the focal point of your bathroom, and perhaps even adding water fountains or other luxurious treats.

These are only some of the many styles a designer may bring to the table for a bathroom renovation. The most important element is that the designer cares to achieve the look that matches the homeowners’ personal vision for their most comfortable bathroom. Deliberate over your desired style, then track down a designer with a similar philosophy.

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