Piping Problems? How to Spot and Repair Plumbing Problems Early

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Having the plumbing go out in a home or place of business is a major hassle, but one that can often be avoided. This is why everyone should know at least a few of the early warning signs that damage is occurring and what can be done about it.

Slow Drips

Slow drips around the faucets are not only annoying, they can also result in some major waste over time. Drips can take place for a number of reasons, but they can almost always be fixed by replacing the gasket or O-rings, which can be done with a simple set of wrenches and pliers. If this does not fix the problem, the entire assembly may need to be replaced, and most owners will want to seek out a local plumber for more extensive replacements.

The Water Heater

The two primary maintenance steps that must be taken for a water heater are to alter the thermostat to raise and lower the water temperature and to clean out the reservoir. Cleaning the reservoir should be done at least once a year and will help to remove sediment and improve the working life of the water heater. Owners should also regularly check around the water heater for any leaks, rust, or other signs of distress, especially if issues have been taking place with water pressure or the temperature of the water.

Finding Harder Leaks

The typical home loses about 14 percent of its water through leaks. Leaks around the foundation of the home or in the walls could also lead to an enormous amount of damage. The main signs that there could be a leak include an immediate drop in water pressure throughout the building. There may also be issues with higher water bills without using more water, as well as the development of mold or mildew around the floor, basement, or foundation of the building.

Reduced Water Pressure

An extremely common problem with indoor plumbing is having a reduced water pressure. The first troubleshooting test is to see if both your hot and cold water have pressure problems. If this is the case with your sink, then the likely cause is build up on your sink’s aerator. The fix is a simple one: remove the sink aerator and clear off any calcium deposits and debris.

Clogs and Stoppages

There are two primary forms of clogs that will take place on the property. A localized clog will be found in a sink or toilet and can generally be resolved with over-the-counter drain cleaners or snakes. For more serious or stubborn clogs, you may need to contact a drain cleaning company like Alberta Water Services in Calgary or one near you. When multiple sinks are backed up, there is a sewage smell around the home, or standing water is found outside of the home, there is most likely a much more severe stoppage in the main sewage pipe that will require specialized tools in order to remove.

With a little extra time spent on regular maintenance and a good idea of how to spot damage early on, home and business owners can save themselves time and quite a bit of money.

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