What Your Home Says About Your Style

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People all over dream of the day when they can buy their own home. And why shouldn’t they? Owning your own home is the classic American dream. However, in the eyes of a keen observer, the specific style of someone’s home is literally a window into the homeowner’s unique personality and style. What does it say about someone who lives in a Tudor, Bungalow, or Colonial style home?

Bungalow Style

People who live in a bungalow style home typically appreciate things that are somewhat adaptable, economic, and rugged in nature. For these particular people it’s all about supreme comfort that’s natural and organic. Bungalow home dwellers are very practical and choose to live in that particular style since it’s so carefree and efficient. Bungalows are essentially designed to effortlessly blend into the natural environment and surroundings in which they were built and are all about the simplicity between outdoor and indoor spaces. Teachers, architects, artists, and literally anyone who has a fairly liberal approach to life, or even the outdoors type of person are the kinds of people who typically live in a bungalow style home. Bungalows can be found everywhere across the Midwest and California.

Colonial Style

Colonial style homes are the quintessential American family home. In fact, they’re one of the most popular styles in the country, and are known for their square and stable architecture. Generally, people who dwell in Colonial style homes are considered solid, sensible, successful, and grounded. This class of people appreciates propriety, formality, and symmetry along with valuing time-honored traditions. The Colonial home is clean, airy, and light which is why so many people are attracted to this traditional style. Colonial style homes are found all across the U.S. in nearly every state.  According to some experts doing Calgary roofing with companies like United Roofing, the colonial style is a hit because it demonstrates strength and rigidity.

Cape Cod Style

A Cape Cod style home is very similar to a Colonial, although somewhat more casual. It’s considered a simple and charming style of home. The sort of people who live in a Cape Cod style home are laid-back, modest, and probably a bit more creative, but not quite as deadline oriented. Because Cape Cods can be economical and efficient, they can make the ideal starter home for a young couple just starting out, generating a bit of romanticism along the way. As a matter of fact, Cape Cod style homes originated in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and continue to be one of the most popular home styles in New England – largely in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and across Massachusetts. However, Cape Cod style can be seen across the entire country.

The architectural style of a home says a great deal about the character of the people who live there. What does your home say about you?

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