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There are many ways to improve your home and the energy efficient building materials can help you built the home you dream of, decreasing your electricity bills, without wasting energy. Modern houses and buildings are constructed with such ecologically friendly materials, which keep the rain and cold out of the premises in the winter and autumn, while keeping cool in the hot seasons. They can save your money and work for your nice and pleasant home and office atmosphere.

The most used energy efficient building materials, which will created the ecological home you want are:

  • recycled steel
  • insulating concrete forms
  • plant-based polyurethane foam
  • straw bales
  • the cool roofing technology
  • structural insulated panels
  • plastic composite lumber
  • Low E-windows
  • vacuum insulation panels

Instead of using trees for building a house, you can have it made out of recycled steel. Around forty to fifty trees will be needed for building a house, while six scrap vehicles are absolutely enough for the purpose. The wooden beams can be substituted with steel. This material very enduring and valuable for areas with strong wind and earthquakes.

The insulating concrete forms are big energy savers, which had been used in the past. They are now coming back in use as they are quite ecologically friendly. Between two insulating layers is filled the concrete. It is mainly used for walls and construction blocks.

Plant-based polyurethane foam ensures insulation similar to fibre-glass insulation, but it is a better isolator than polystyrene and  fibre-glass. It is made of exclusively natural materials including bamboo, hemp and kelp. It is endurable against humidity, heat and protects the place from mildew and pests. These properties make it  helpful in maintaining your house easily with less cleaning. Its a natural materials offer home improvement by providing the best isolation possible.

Another way to isolate your property is by using materials like straw bales. Although they may seem a little old-fashioned they have many qualities that shouldn’t be underestimated. They are very flexible and isolate perfectly. If the straw is kept dry it can last for hundreds of years. Another valuable quality they have is their compatibility with plaster and outer render.

The cool roofing technology has been used for fifteen years. It is perfect for heat scattering and keeping your home cool in the hot summer. It’s an environmentally friendly technology as it decreases the temperature of the atmosphere. They reflect the sunshine and this way the heat in the hot seasons is lowered.

The structural insulated panels are produced out of a layer of foam insulation pressed between plywood or cement panels. It is resistant against fires and perfect for floors, cellars, bases and walls, bearing heavy weight. The structural insulated panels lowers energy bill a lot. Companies offering handyman services can consult  you more on this material.

The plastic composite lumber is often made of throwaway plastic and wooden fibres. It is very durable and resistant to mould and decay, which make it ideal for easy to maintain home with less efforts for cleaning. There are anti-slip varieties of  plastic composite lumber, appropriate for bathrooms and external decks.

Low-E "high performance" windows can be used instead of plain glass windows. They help in decreasing heat in the hot seasons and stop infra-red radiation. Their  metal oxide cover keeps the warmth in your house in the winter, which make them energy efficient building materials.

Nowadays vacuum insulation panels are used mainly for trading refrigeration aggregates but are appropriate for common domestic building we can expect in the near future. They reduce energy expenditure to a great level.

The energy saving building materials are an efficient way to reduce your electrical bills in the hot and cold seasons. HireHouseCleaner aim some of them will also make your home easy for cleaning, protecting it from mould, rot and pests. We can live in a greener planet with more air and less pollution if everyone builds and lives in an ecologically friendly home.

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