Six Essentials to Remember When Building Your New Home

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Having a home built to your specifications can be fun and exciting. In many cases, you may be having a home built that you plan to live in for many years, and you will no doubt be trying to think of all the things you want included that will make it uniquely pleasing to you. However, in your excitement to add personal touches, you must still be sure to remember the many essentials needed to make your new home just right.

Extra Garage Space

Plan for your garage to be large enough to hold more than just your cars. Allow room for tools, your lawnmower and large toys such as bicycles, a jet ski and pool toys. This will help ensure you will have no need to rent a storage unit or dot your property with storage sheds in the future. This is not so much an issue of size as it is organization. Using wall space and organized bin from the start will greatly help.

Convenient Laundry Room

Don’t have your washer and dryer hookup out in the garage where you have to do laundry in the freezing cold or blazing hot temperatures. Avoid the basement as well in order to avoid dragging heavy baskets of clothing up and down the stairs. Instead, plan a laundry room on the same floor with the bedrooms, and make it large enough to hold a shelf with all your laundry supplies and a nice folding table.

Landscaping Plans

The very last thing you want to do is have your beautiful home ready to move into and show off to your friends and family only to look around and see nothing but dirt in the yard. It’s important to have your landscaper working on the plan for your new yard before the house is completely done. Pick out the grass you want and whatever flowerbeds, trees, pathways and decorations you have in mind so your landscaper can get started as soon as it’s feasible to do so.

Kitchen Pantry

The kitchen is a place where most families tend to gather. You can make yours even better by having a large pantry attached to the kitchen. Make sure there is enough room for a full-sized freezer and plenty of shelving. When you are making cookies or a dinner with your children, everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Plenty of Outlets

Avoid overloading your outlets by outfitting your home with plenty of them. Remember to add extra outlets in the bathroom where numerous shaving and hair styling implements may need to be plugged in all at once. If you have a handy member of the family, be sure the garage is outfitted with outlets as well for projects that require power tools. You will want some outlets on the outside of your home as well.

Plan For Growth

If you are a growing family, be sure to consider size when building a home. Be sure to allow for extra bedrooms or a larger family room to accommodate more people in the home. The same is true if you will have teenagers moving out of the house soon. Consider having a couple of spare bedrooms in the home instead of a room for each child. While you want to be comfortable now, consider what life will be like in the home in the near future.

Each of these tips will make your home more efficient and pleasant. However, you should be careful to consider any special needs your particular family situation may require. Take a little time to plan your home out carefully to help ensure you will enjoy it for many years to come.

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