6 Tips For Creating Custom Rooms While Building Your Home

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If you are planning on building your own home, you get to choose exactly how it is done. Let your personal style shine through the room s in your house by following these six tips during the planning process.

1: Be Creative

Picture a traditional room in a traditional home. It can be any room—the kitchen, a bathroom, the master bedroom, a sunroom, and so on. Imagine what that room looks like. Now find a way to create the same type of room in a radically different way.

When you are trying to create a unique custom room in your home, decide what traditional elements you want to preserve, and which elements you want to change. Then let your creativity go wild.

2: Ask a Kid

Anytime you want to think outside the box, ask a kid to use their imagination. In this case, ask a child what kind of things they would put in a bedroom or home if they were building it.

Of course, letting a kid control the design process of a custom-built room is not practical, but it can be a good jumping-off point. Let’s suppose the child loves playing on the playground, and imagines a house that is really just a giant jungle gym. You obviously don’t want your house to look like the play area at Arctic Circle, but you could install stairs in a spiral formation—like a slide at a playground. Or you could actually install a slide next to a stairwell.

3: Reflect Your Personality

If you are having a hard time coming up with ways to make a custom room unique, look at your own personality. Would you rather have a group of friends over and throw a party, or spend hours in your house reading book after book?

If you prefer the first option, make the rooms in your home conducive to large gatherings with big, open spaces or plenty of furniture. If you’d rather keep to yourself, build a home with comfy nooks for reading and unique shelve designs for your personal library.

If you are really enthusiastic about nature and animals, find a way to incorporate those interests into your room design. You might, for example, build beds or play areas for any pets you have. Houzz.com has some great examples of rooms for sports lovers.

4: Look for Inspiration

Just because you are building a custom room, doesn’t mean you have to come up with the design all on your own. All custom means is that you chose the layout and design. You don’t even have to have a room that deviates from the traditional layout/decorating style in order for it to be custom (but a room like that certainly would be considered one kind of customization).

Feel free to look around and take idea from pictures of rooms online. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration.

5: Bring the Outside In

One of the most basic aspects of a typical home interior is just that—it is an interior. Try finding creative ways to bring the outside into your home (without removing the walls or roof, of course.

One way to do this is with custom window designs such as floor-to-ceiling windows. Another option is to add a greenery room—a room for things that typically live outside.

Imagine lazing around with guests in the evening, enjoying conversation in a room with a full-grown tree. You’ll have to keep up on maintenance with the plants/trees, but that’s what companies like Arborcare Tree Service Ltd. An arborist can also advise you as to what types of plants would grow well in a green room.

6: Hire Someone Else

If you are completely drained of ideas, or lack faith in your own ability to create a unique custom room, hire a professional. You can consult an interior designer or an architect—or both. Hiring someone to help you figure out what you want can help you create the perfect room while keeping your plans and expectations realistic: people who work with home building for a living know what can and cannot be done.

If you are building a home, it will already be full of custom rooms. If you want those rooms to be really unique and specific to you and your family, use these six tips to come up with creative ideas. 

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