6 Home Security Tips that Will Be Useful in Apocalyptic Conditions

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Let’s face it; sooner or later, human civilization will likely face a world ruled by nuclear fallout, anarchy, a zombie apocalypse, or possibly all of the above. The best way to survive is to prepare yourself for the apocalypse as far ahead of time as possible. By reading this article, you’re already a step ahead of the rest of the world! We’re going to give you some great home security tips to fortify your home and keep the mindless undead from sneaking into your home. 

Weakest Points

The first thing you need to improve are your doors and windows. These two things are the most vulnerable part of your fortress! Storm doors and storm windows with unbreakable glass will better prevent intruders and also be an extremely good investment for harsh weather conditions. According to All West Glass Ltd., the top three points of entry for home thieves are through the front door, basement door or windows of a home. If that’s how robberies occur now-days, then when civilization collapses those points will surely be the first targets of home intruders.

The next thing you should do is set up a perimeter around your house with fence or barbed wire. Setting up a perimeter will allow you to deflect and be alert of zombies heading toward your home.

Supplies & Necessities

Inside of your home, make sure you are stocked up on the essentials. A good place to keep these essentials is in a safe room. Find a room in the most protected part of your house and fortify it with cement blocks. It is a great idea to have three cases of water per person who lives in your home as well as non-perishable foods and a first aid kit.

Observation Is Key

Another good idea is to have the ability to see from above your house. Having an internal ladder to the ceiling of your house with a trap door would allow you to be safe in many situations. If the lower levels of your home are compromised, then you can use the top of your home as one safe point to retreat to. It is also great as a way to observe what is happening around your house. The top of your home is the highest point you will be able to safely observe things from.

In addition to observing from the top of your home, it would be a great idea to install surveillance cameras to the inside and outside of your home. Remote cameras that are controlled by an iPhone are really easy to obtain. Right now, these cameras are big in the parenting market, but they are very useful in survival situations as well. This is a must for anyone serious about surviving the apocalypse!

Secure Underground Shelter

It is also very important that you fortify the basement of your home. Concrete and steel are the key to a safe shelter underground. You may consider making a small addition to your basement in your backyard. It would require some heavy duty construction materials, but the safe place in your home is well worth the effort.

Energy Is Key

The final, and arguably the most important home improvement that will help you survive an apocalypse is installing green energy. Putting solar panels on the top of your home will allow you to have energy indefinitely. With renewable energy, you’ll be the most popular person in the neighborhood during a crisis!

This post was written with help from home glass experts at All West Glass Ltd. in Edmonton, British Columbia.

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