Five Home Emergencies That Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow And What You Should Do

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There are home repairs that can be put off until another day, but a real emergency requires immediate attention to prevent further damage. Even if you keep up with regular maintenance around the home, there can still be major unexpected problems. Here are some repairs that really shouldn’t be put off any longer:

Compromised Security

Malfunctioning security monitoring, a faulty door lock or broken windows are all vulnerabilities to an unprotected home intrusion. Security providers and locksmiths are available for emergency service all hours of the day. Never go to bed at night feeling as though there is not adequate protection for your family from unwanted people entering the home.

Leaky Roof

Water running or dripping into the home can cause significant damage in the attic, ceiling, walls and furnishings. Skilled roofers can come out any time, even in a severe rain storm, to cover a hole until the weather is clear enough to do a thorough repair. The smallest leak is considered an emergency as it can lead to dangerous mold and expensive damage.

Major Issues With Plumbing

An overflowing toilet, leaks or pipe breaks are major plumbing problems that must be taken care of as soon as they are noticed, says the experts. The first step is to turn off the water to the home and call a licensed plumber to perform an inspection and adequate repairs on the spot. It may be as simple as a major clog in a pipe or minor replacement, but time is valuable when indoor furnishings and building materials are being exposed to moisture.

An Electrical Failure

Pay attention to the obvious warning signs pointing to an electrical failure or malfunction. Hot outlets, flickering or dimming lights, and buzzing near switches are all reasons to call an electrician as soon as possible. Electrical issues can cause a house fire or shock if a person comes in contact with faulty wiring. Be sure to be extra careful in old homes where the wiring is set up differently and can be more dangerous.

A Gas Leak

Natural gas leaks can cause carbon monoxide poisoning in humans and pets by inhalation. An additive odor is added to the natural gas to make it easier for people to detect when a leak is present. If you notice dying plants around the home, hissing around gas appliances, or a foul odor shut off the gas and evacuate the home until a professional can find the problem and get it fixed.

Living in a home that causes concern for safety is considered an emergency situation and should not be postponed until another day. Always keep a resource of phone numbers handy so that there is no reason for a delay getting help in time of need.

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