Leaky Home? The Best Ways To Fix It Up Before You Get Mold And Water Damage

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Leaks in the home can cause major problems if ignored. Whether you have crack in the foundation that is making your basement wet, or a simple leaky faucet, these problems can cause more damage than you might think. Here are some steps you should take to to reduce damage to your home and your health:

Start with Simple Solutions

The cause of a leaking foundation could actually be closer to your roof. Start by checking the gutters to ensure that they’re in good working order and are diverting water away from the foundation. You should also check basement windows to ensure that they aren’t leaking. If it’s a bathtub, toilet or faucet, simply tightening the fixtures or even replacing them might do the trick. Try these small fixes first before diving into a larger project.

Check the Grading

Water that’s forced against your foundation walls needs to go somewhere. Protect the structure by making sure that your landscaping slopes away from the home. Do not allow dirt to touch the wood sill plate of your house, but make sure that grading is corrected to move water in the right direction. This is a critical step if you have a leak in your basement or foundation.

Investigate for Holes

A leak in your basement could be coming from a loose brick in the corner of your home. Look closely for loose bricks, cracks and holes in the general vicinity of the leak and around the foundation. Fill any problem areas with hydraulic cement to prevent further leaks and protect the structure.

Paint-on Sealants and Exterior Solutions

If your foundation is slightly damp, then you may be able to paint on a special sealant from the inside. These sealants are affordable, and they’re an excellent solution for small amounts of water. However, larger amounts require exterior treatments. When the water coming in can be measured in gallons, you may have to have the foundation dug up and waterproofed from the outside. This is a costly measure, but it can provide you with the dry basement you want and the peace of mind you need. Sealants are also great in the kitchen and bathroom to fix the leaky problems.

Sump Pump and Drainage

You can always let the water come in and then move it back out again with a sump pump. Water is diverted into one central location of the basement and into a sump pump pit. As it fills the pit, the pump will turn on and move it out of the home.

Hire Professionals

Regardless of the problems you find or the solutions you choose, it’s wise to work with a professional. An experienced professional can help you avoid problems in the future by ensuring that the job is done right today. Problems like broken water heaters or issues with your sewer should be take care of by someone who is more experienced.

It may take a healthy investment to protect the space and ensure that your house is protected from mold, but it has to be done. Allowing the water to constantly come in and keep the home wet will lead to serious damage and can even threaten the health of your family.

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