Need General Home Repair? 4 Tips to Find a Good General Contractor

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For families in need of general home repair, finding a good contractor is half the battle. Hiring the wrong professional will turn the simplest projects into a series of headaches that take on a life of their own. Use the following 4 tips to help locate your contractor and get on with the business of addressing your to-do list.

Use Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Using local business groups is a good way to find reliable contractors. Not only will they offer resources to help locate prospective builders, they will often be able to provide references and testimonials even before you meet the prospect.

Although popular websites may offer rating systems for contractors in your area, it’s not impossible for these individuals to manipulate their own ratings. Always rely on first hand information whenever possible. Try to ask around to friends, family, and other acquaintances about specific contractors that they have used. This will help you get information on potential contractors to work on your home. The information you get from your friends and family is also usually more reliable than those on the internet. 

Home Improvement Centers

Large home improvement centers, and even local hardware stores, will use area contractors for installation work and various improvement projects offered through their location. You can go into places like Lowes or Home Depot and ask for referrals to different contractors that are located around your local area. They can also give you some kind of indicator of which contractors are good and have competitive prices as well as the contractors you may want to stay away from.

While you may have to commit to buying certain products through a particular retail location, you’ll be assigned a general contractor that’s passed a rigorous screening process. When they’ve completed the initial improvement, you can discuss working with them directly for future projects.

Networking With Other Homeowners

Fellow homeowners will never hold back when it comes to offering a testimonial. Whether it’s a negative or positive review you’ll always hear the truth, no matter how grizzly the details.

This is no time to be shy. Be careful however, not to take up a contractor’s time when they’re on another job. Approach the homeowner directly and they’ll be more than happy to share their opinions.

Use The Bidding Process

At the end of the day, finding a handful of names will never be an issue. When you’ve found 3 prospective contractors, put your project out to bid.

With 3 contractors bidding on the same project, you’ll have a good idea where you stand without suffering from information overload. A close examination of the proposals will give you an idea who might be cutting corners or lining their pockets.

While it’s always good to stay under budget, a high bid should never be a deal breaker. If anything, extremely low bids should always raise a red flag. Low bids may be an indication of inexperienced contractors and contractors who are putting in the least effort to guarantee a few bucks in their pocket.

By following these 4 tips you should have no problem finding a good contractor to tackle your general home maintenance.

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