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I love my home. It is a simple three bedroom house, perfect for my spouse and two children. We have a large garden space that is used for everything from a small bit of farming, to outdoor eating when the weather is nice.

Garden spaces are generally worthless during the colder and wetter times of the year, turning what is normally a source of joy into a genuine headache to maintain and put up with.

My spouse ordered me to do something with it; a gazebo or deck would be nice to have. I went online for inspiration and guidance. There, I found out the most important thing with garden spaces; it is possible to do pretty much anything I want with them. The rules and regulations controlling what I do with that patch of land is flexible enough for the enterprising sort to come up with hundreds of different ways of finding use for it.

One website in particular stood out to me, Garden Spaces, here were suggestions and plans for creating climate controlled rooms that the whole family could enjoy.

Thoughts raced through my head. I could have my own office. The children could have somewhere to practice their instruments. My wife could finally have a place to paint without the cat spreading his hair everywhere.

I finally decided on a garden studio, with large glass doors looking out to the house and yard. There was quite a bit of planning and then building, but after a wait, it was ready.  

We did this at the end of the summer, and throughout the autumn and winter we have made frequent use of this room. I particularly enjoy how it makes it possible for me to relax in the evening, without banishing the children to the unheated garage. Now, they have their place to practice and my better half and I can relax while watching the evening news.

The following summer, the differing roles garden spaces takes led to the family having numerous people over for an afternoon party. This garden studio served as an impromptu dining room, allowing people to enjoy some cool air before darting back out to the grill. I received numerous compliments over the ingenious structure, and how it fit right in with the house and garage.

Looking back, I remember the day when my wife demanded we do something with that open space. I know she did not anticipate having a new structure put up, but she is definitely pleased with the result! During social gatherings I have caught her taking credit.

The children love this outdoor studio room, using it for sleepovers and homework whenever possible. I like how it gives us all a little bit of privacy, when we need to concentrate on something important or noisy.

Three years after building the structure, a new firm took me on. It was a tough decision, taking the new position, for it meant selling my home. However, the opportunity was one I could not pass up. I did not know what the structure would do to the home value, and when it came time to sell, my wife had to keep me calm!

I was relieved when I learned that these structures are quite popular, and easily increase the value of the house enough to make up the cost of installing it. I was relieved, and certain that I would be putting up a garden studio at my next home as well.

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