New Window Treatments: 6 Factors to Help You Choose the Best

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To most decorators, curtains have a special place. When correctly chosen, they can take a room that’s perfectly ordinary and turn it into something truly attractive. It isn’t easy to make the right choice, though. You need to think about the color and pattern, the fabric, the length and the lining material. Clearly, choosing the right curtains for visual appeal requires a good bit of thought. There’s more to choosing the perfect set of curtains than appearance alone, though.
Think about how the material functions

How much light do you like in your room – do you like diaphanous material that lets in plenty of natural light or do you prefer blackout curtains to help you sleep at night? Do you need your curtains to give you a good bit of privacy? You could need to find a balance between privacy and the ability to pass light.
Think about insulation

Curtains can be very effective against unwanted heat loss and heat gain. If you live in a rented house with drafty windows that the landlord won’t upgrade, quality, insulating curtains can help you effectively prevent heat loss. They can also keep heat from getting in when it’s summer.
For the best insulating effect, you need full length curtains, blackout lining and pelmets at the top that keep drafts from the window from getting into the room through the gap at the top of the curtain. Extra-long curtains that puddle on the floor can be effective at containing thermal leakage at the bottom too.
Think about the curtain mounting technology to use

Heavy curtains can be difficult to open and close effectively. Even if your curtain mechanism is smooth enough in the beginning, the action could become rougher over time. Motorized and remote-controlled drapery rod kits can be an affordable convenience.
Think about the environmental credentials of the fabric you buy

Curtains tend to use a great deal of fabric. Green building experts do recommend that you use materials that are recommended by the Green Council of Australia. Whether you’re looking at curtains, blinds or shutters, interior professionals tend to have a wide range of environmentally friendly materials for you to choose from.

Think about the quality

You can find quality at nearly any budget these days whether you choose custom curtains or ready-made ones. You need to ask the professional sales staff at the stores you visit about the durability and ease of use that each fabric type is known for. Some fabrics are known to require dry cleaning. They tend to shrink and require stretching when machine-washed. Others use blended fabrics that keep their shape, no matter what you do with them. Low maintenance curtains are a good idea.
Finally, think about the style

Not every kind of curtain fabric works well with every kind of hanging style. There are a number of styles to pick from – curtains that start above the window or below, curtains that are wider than the window or just the right size, ones that hang in classically gathered folds or ones that just simply hang. The style you prefer could constrain you in the kind of choices you make.

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