How to Create the Man Cave Basement of Your Dreams

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Adding a man cave to your home gives you a place that’s just for you. You don’t have to worry about taking over the living room when you invite friends over, and you’ll also have the perfect place to rest and unwind after a hard day at work. Before you grab a hammer and head into your basement, find out what you need to do to build your perfect man cave.

Make the Room Livable

If you’re like most people, you probably spend little time in your basement. Those bland concrete or cement walls, cold flooring and lack of insulation provides a great place for storage or to do your laundry, but when you turn that space into a man cave, you want to make the room look and feel more liveable. Covering the walls and flooring are tops on your to do list, but you’ll also want to check out the electrical system and run more lines downstairs for your games and electronics. 1A Contracting offers different types of basement remodeling services for homeowners, and the company can even help you rewire the basement or add a new bathroom.

Soundproof the Room

If you assume that what happens in the basement stays in the basement, think again. Even the smallest of noises can move right through the ceiling and disrupt your spouse or children. Soundproofing the basement lets you block out those noises and let others in the house feel just as comfortable as you do. Acoustic tiles, insulation added inside the walls and rubber floors are just a few soundproofing products you might use.

Add Furniture

What good is a man cave that doesn’t feel relaxing? Gabe Guarente recommends that you add a comfortable chair and a comfy couch to your new room. The more seating that you have, the less you’ll worry when someone steals your chair. Having a nice couch in the basement provides additional seating and gives your friends a place to crash after a long game. Your seating needs will be determined by the expected number of guests, but if you like large gatherings, having even more seating stored in another room is a good bet.

Install an Entertainment Center

A solid entertainment center is practically a must for any man cave. If you want your pals to come join you for the game or an old-fashioned Halo scrum, you need to have the goods to back it up. Flat screens are great space savers, and a full surround sound system will guarantee a spectacular entertainment experience (this is when sound-proofing comes in handy). Add in some gaming consoles and sports package subscriptions and you’re ready to invite the guys on Friday night.

Choose Accessories

The right accessories can tell others a lot about you. Before you buy a single item, choose a theme for the room. If you love poker and hosting game night, a queen of hearts card and a new poker chip caddy will work nice in the room. You can also look for gaming chairs, tables shaped like console controllers and even a refrigerator in your favorite color.

Building your perfect man cave starts when you choose a room in your home. If you rarely use your basement, call a contracting company, get some furniture and accessories and start planning how to soundproof your space.

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