Common Mistakes Too Many Make When Choosing Light Fixtures

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There are so many interesting light fixtures that are available on the market at the moment. We are faced with different types and designs so choice might be difficult. You surely know that when you choose suitable fixtures, the result is great but the big problem is that the choice is the one that is really complicated. While we cannot tell you exactly what to choose since this varies based on what your current setting is, we can highlight the really common mistakes people make when choosing their light fixtures. That will help you to succeed.

You Choose Style And Not Functionality!

This is definitely the most common mistake that people make when they choose lighting fixtures. For instance, you can find some impressive seating furnishings from Housejunkie and you fail to highlight them when you create your lights design as you focus on a brand new illumination source that is really modern.

You cannot choose light fixtures while only thinking about appearance. That can leave you with a really bad light output that is not at all optimal. The best fixture will always be both functional and stylish. If you want to put an accent on the dining table, you need to choose something that can deliver that. The most stylish fixtures may not help much.

Choosing Fixtures Without Thinking About Ceiling Height

Both the guests and the family have to walk around the home while feeling comfortably. It is always a bad idea to choose something that would make you have to dive constantly. Think about the following whenever you choose ceiling lights. The same things can be applied when thinking about hanging light fixtures that are positioned over a walking space.

  • When the ceiling is under 8 feet high, choose flush-mount if you do not want to have light fixtures over the counter or table. Taller people can easily avoid these.
  • If the ceiling has a height of 8 to 10 feet, go for semi-flush or full-flush mount lights. These will usually hang at 1 foot from the ceiling.
  • With ceilings higher than 10 feet, you need to seriously consider a chandelier or a pendent in order to properly light up the entire space.

Using Too Many Overhead Lights

Every single room out there is different but in most cases you need to stay focused on a combo of accent, general and task lighting so that the entire room is properly lit. When installing the ceiling lights with the purpose of gaining overall lighting, incorporate wall sconces or lamps besides those overhead lights.

It is definitely not easy to choose light fixtures. This is totally understandable. However, if you avoid the 3 mistakes we highlighted above, there is a really strong possibility that your choice will be a lot better and that you will enjoy a house that is both functional and stylish. At the end of the day, this is the main goal you should have. Choosing light fixtures simply because they look cool is a really bad idea.

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