Add Elegance to Stairways

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If you need to add handrails to the stairways at your home or business, you will find many attractive choices. Elegant iron handrails and wrought iron railings are not only beautiful, but they offer safety and support for you and your guests each time you ascend or descend the stairs.

Explore the many options available from companies that specialize in handcrafting one-of-a-kind railings made from a variety of solid materials. One example of a company where you will find railings made of iron, aluminum and more is Indital. With such stores, you will come across possibilities to make your stairways more attractive than you had ever imagined.

Also consider creating a modern new deck with border rails made of stainless steel. For any indoors stairways, you might discuss different options with your home builders and contractors. You can turn a standard stairway into something stylish and stately that might otherwise seem mundane. Consider adding powder coated wrought iron balusters and newels. Choose from seven beautiful colors to create a stunning effect that will delight you each trip up or down the stairs.

Classic black wrought iron handrailing makes such a stylistic impact, especially when contrasted against white marble or another lighter color. This vintage look will make a fantastic impression while keeping everyone traveling the stairs safe.

Meeting all the same safety needs and criteria as wrought iron handrails, stainless steel is another highly appealing handrail option that has become more popular over the past years.

Whether modern and sleek with stainless steel or ornate and classic with wrought iron, you can’t go wrong with either material.

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