Ways to Add Extra Space to your Home without Breaking the Bank

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Whether you have kids home from college or find yourself dealing with clutter everywhere, it may be time for you to add some extra space to your home. One of your concerns may be finding ways to add space without breaking your bank. Here are some easy ways for you to add space to your home without spending a lot of cash.

1. Reorganize your home with smaller furniture.

First, try figuring out which pieces of furniture take up space in your home. You may have unnecessary chairs in the living room or tables taking up space. Perhaps you can replace these furniture pieces with organizational bins. Take some time to get rid of any furniture that is taking up unnecessary space in your home.

2. Invest in a storage shed or extra garage for the backyard.

If you are handy, you may want to use some cheap wood to build a shed in your backyard. A shed can store extra furniture or other items in your home. An extra garage can store additional vehicles or tools that you have.

3. Take advantage of extra space in your basement.

Your basement can be a great place to store items. If you have antiques, old photo albums or artwork, you will want to make sure to cover the items with a plastic material. This can prevent dust from accumulating on these items.

4. Donate unwanted items in your home to charity and receive a tax deduction.

Go around your home and gather items that you do not want or use anymore. One option you have is to call your local charity center for a pick-up. Most charities will send helpers out to pick up furniture and other heavy items. This can save you time and provide you with a great tax deduction that reduces your tax liability for the year.

5. Use storage bins to organize items in your closets and pantry.

Storage bins can help you keep your home organized and help you create extra room in small spaces like closets or pantries. You can find storage bins for sale at very affordable prices on the Internet rather than your local home goods store.

Following these tips can help you open up more space in your home. You can feel less overwhelmed by clutter in your home and actually begin to enjoy your home more. Don’t be afraid to get rid of clutter and donate it for a greater cause to add space to your home.

About the Author: Kandace Heller is a freelance writer in Orlando, Florida. She loves to read and write. If you are looking for affordable storage options, Kandace recommends that you buy sheds direct from shedsunlimited.net.

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