Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Great And Avoid Costly Repairs

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For homeowners with a growing to-do list, routine maintenance is the perfect way to keep your home looking great and avoid costly repairs. The following tips will help keep your list at bay and keep the cost of repairs at a manageable level.

Gutters & Downspouts

When maintenance is overlooked, roof gutters become clogged with wind driven debris. Keeping gutters and drain spouts clear will ensure proper drainage and will help to prevent erosion around foundations, as well as eliminate mold and rot issues around eaves and trim. Be sure to clean them out well before the weather cools down, and again before it starts to warm in spring to prevent the most common damages.

Exterior Walkways

Over time, sidewalks and walkways will begin to crack and settle. Without proper maintenance, water that seeps into cracks will freeze and cause further damage. Even in warmer climates, moisture that finds its way underneath walkways will eventually undermine the material that supports the stone or concrete. Patching even the smallest cracks will help to avoid costly repairs. Once issues become unmanageable, removing and replacing sections of walkway may be the only alternative.

Decks & Porches

Decks and porches take a beating from the elements. Heavy snowfall, ice, direct sunlight and driving rain will all take a toll on deck boards, stair components and railings. An annual inspection will reveal fasteners that need to be replaced or reset, material that needs to be replaced and mold issues that need to be addressed. After addressing repairs, a thorough power washing followed by a fresh coat of sealant will go a long way in preserving your deck or porch.

Water Filers & Water Heater Flush

For homeowners who’ve installed inline water filters, making certain to routinely change the filter cartridge will help to keep hard water from permanently staining sinks, tubs, and toilet bowls. Although it’s not always a DIY project, flushing a stand alone water heater on an annual basis will help to extend the life of the tank, and help to remove deposits that find their way into expensive fixtures.

Hardwood Floors

Heavy foot traffic will leave behind dirt that acts like sandpaper against the surface of any floor. Although weekly cleaning might seem to do the trick, thorough cleaning and polishing will help to remove abrasive particles that will eventually lead to wooden floors that need to be stripped and refinished.

HVAC Maintenance

From duct cleaning to servicing a furnace, keeping heating and cooling equipment well-maintained will avoid possible health issues and expensive emergency repairs. When equipment such as a furnaces goes without service, issues like “puff back” will result in thousands of dollars in restoration services that can easily be avoided.

Tackling easy chores on the to-do list will offer homeowners peace of mind knowing their homes looks great, and they’re reducing the risk of expensive repairs.

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