Home Security Systems: Tips for Protecting Your Home from Burglary

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In order to protect your home against burglars and intruders, you need to put home security systems in place. Aside from preventing burglary, such systems also intimidate burglars. When a monitory system is installed, you will be able to alert authorities by just pressing a single button.

How the Crime Really Happens

Burglars are expected to make up some stories just to get inside your house and do their crime. It is likely that they will tell you they are inspection officers, electric company representatives or repairmen. Typically, they use techniques like asking you if you could give them a glass of water, using your telephone to contact a mechanic or asking about someone who doesn’t live in your house. When burglars enter your premise, they can easily look for ways to continue to distract you so that they can simply do their crime.

How to Prevent Burglary

In order to safeguard your premises from burglars, here are some things that you can follow.

  • Lock your Doors and Windows at All Times

    The door should not be opened immediately whenever you hear a knock that you didn’t expect. Check who’s outside the house through the peephole. When you see an unfamiliar face, ask him what he wants without opening the door. Also, your back door must be locked all the time as burglars are likely to come with companions with one trying to distract you and others sneaking from the back of your house.

  • Refuse the Distraction

    If you are not expecting any repair or service man, then you should not let anyone enter your house. You can ask for the name of the person or the company he is trying to represent. Do not contact the phone number when he gives you one. For sure, such his collaborators are operating that number so that they can have your trust.

  • Keep your Curtains Down

    Burglars whose technique is to distract you first usually prowl around a certain part of your premise. Make sure that your interior will not be seen from the outside because this can increase the possibility of being targeted by those criminals.

  • Call the Authority

    If a stranger tries to stay at your doorstep or get inside your house, it’s time to call 911 for help. You can warn him to back off but you have to find some rescue should he persist.

  • Install a Home Security System

    You can totally protect and secure your home by having a security system installed in your house. You can purchase ADT Home Alarms to stop burglars from doing their crime in your own property. By having high performance alarms and sensors, your house will be safe from any invasions even if you are away. But when you are in your house during a possible burglary you can easily and quickly alert authorities by pressing the panic button which is connected to a central network. This network automatically alerts the contact authority as soon as they get a signal from the ADT-protected house.

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