Professional Residential Remodeling Services

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Any remodeling project needs to be done by a professional team of experienced and licensed contractors. Homeowners that want house upgrades can benefit from hiring the services of general contractors. Old residential properties often need to have certain structures updated or completely replaced. For example, a roof may have to be renovated in order to prevent problems such as leaks, pest infestation and even collapse. 

High pitched rooftops are at risk of collapsing because of the tremendous stress that’s placed on the supporting structures. The truss and rafter of a roof are usually made of wood material. However, natural wood may crack and disintegrate naturally over time. New construction technology uses steel and aluminum components for major roof structures such as the truss and rafter. A roof remodeling project may also change the actual pitch.

For example, a new roof may be adjusted to be more or less steep depending on the desired outcome. Cold climates may benefit from steeper roof pitches that can melt away ice and snow faster. Warm climates with lots of precipitation should have pitches that are moderate to allow smooth rain runoff into the gutters. 

General contractors can also renovate a new deck or porch in a home. Brand new decks can be laid out in diagonal, horizontal or vertical patterns. The wooden boards are also covered with protective coatings that resist UV damage. Hidden fasteners are also integrated into a modern deck design. Last but not least, optional awnings can be installed to provide much needed shade. is an example of a general contractor company that provides residential remodeling services. 

Home remodeling projects also include extensions or additions. For example, a second floor can be built on top of a traditional one level ranch property. Contractors can install the proper stairway that connects the new second level with the original first level. Such an extension project also needs to consider the total load that the existing foundation can support.

Perhaps new components have to be installed into the foundation in order to stabilize the second floor extension project. Wooden beams or steel I beams can be used to create the skeletal frame and structure of a second floor extension project. Additionally, contractors need to work in sync with plumbers and electricians to properly allow space for the pipes and electrical wires to pass through the walls, floors and ceilings of a level extension.

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