Pegboard and Paper: Quick and Beautiful Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

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You’re looking for ways to spruce up the kitchen and give it a facelift. You don’t really have the time or money to do an actual remodel though. That’s OK. Most people are strapped for cash these days. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a fortune on making your home beautiful. You can do it in three simple steps.

And, when you’re done, you can protect everything with a home warranty from companies like Choice Home Warranty. That way, if the beauty you just created goes sour, it wasn’t all for naught.

Use Nature In Your Home

Bring in a branch from outside and use it in your decorating scheme. How? Nail it to the wall. Then, hang stuff from it. This is not only cheap, it’s rather easy. All it really takes is some time outside or in a forest. The more interesting the branch, the cooler it will look in your house.

Thicker branches will hold heavier things, so keep that in mind. Some people have used this trick to hang up pots, pans, and even a variety of kitchen utensils. It makes the kitchen look more like a studio in some respects, because everything is out in the open. It also make a lot of stuff easier to access or reach.

Use A Peg Board

You’ve probably seen this sort of stuff on Pinterest and Facebook. But, before social media, Julia Child was using it in her kitchen. She designed the now-famous peg board pot rack on the wall that almost everyone uses these days. This is really easy to replicate. Just hang a basic peg board on the wall and use S-hooks to hang all your cooking tools. Simple. Classy. Effective.

The peg board can also be spruced up a bit if you want – use colors. Either paint the board or the hooks. Or, do both. You can also accessorize the board by buying colorful kitchen gadgets.

Not only that, you can hang baskets on the board if you have stuff that just won’t hang up. Before you get crazy with the pots and pans, just make sure the wall can take it. In other words, don’t anchor into drywall and think everything will be hunky dory. It won’t be. Drill into studs and you should be fine.

Bring In Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can do more than brighten up the place. They can actively clean the air. Spider plants, Peace Lillies, and a few other common household plants have been shown to actually detoxify indoor air. This, along with keeping the kitchen windows open, can make your kitchen look natural, beautiful, and keep you healthier.

These plants also usually don’t require a lot of care. A little water goes a long way, and many of these plants don’t need direct sunlight.

Fresh flowers can also be complimented with fresh herb plants. There’s nothing quite like fresh herbs, and they won’t look out of place if you also have some plants hanging up. In fact, the combination of colors and smells will make your kitchen the coolest house on the block.

Katy Butler loves to change up the look of her home often, especially in the long days of winter. In her spare time, she blogs about what she has learned about home design on a variety of blog sites.

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