Modern Appliances for the Contemporary Home

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Your home may date from the 1890s, but there isn’t any reason why the inside cannot have the same amenities that today’s new homes offer, right? Most certainly you can retain the historic look of the home on the outside while enjoying the modern appliances and conveniences inside, blending the best of heritage and contemporary touches.  Read on to learn what updates might work best for your residence.

Steam Showers

Imagine taking a shower and leaving it feeling absolutely refreshed. You say that you already feel that way? Well, you haven’t felt anything as remarkable as a steam shower, an experience that equals what you can enjoy at the spa or sauna, without leaving the comfort and convenience of your home.

Steam showers use integrated massage jets to provide muscle stimulation while the hot steam relaxes your muscles. This one-two relaxation approach will leave you feeing invigorated and ready to wind down or take on your day. You can choose a steam shower only, a combination tub and steam shower, or even a walk in steam shower. Some walk-in units come with large handicap accessible doors and are equipped with seats too.

Whirlpools and Tubs

Not everyone wants to bath in steam, but they do want the benefit of penetrating water. You also get a spa experience from your home with a whirlpool tub. Choose a soaking model or a massage model with air, hydro, or dual therapy massage choices. 

Popular today are walk-in tubs with a soothing gel coat finish for a luxurious bath. They’re also ideal for people with mobility issues as well as for tall people and the elderly. Enjoy push control operation with as many as 18 air jets providing a soothing bath experience.

Bidets and Washlets

More refined company simply does not discuss certain bathroom habits, especially of the toilet kind. Toilet technology has remained fairly constant down through the years, but there is an adjoining unit that is now appearing in some bathrooms, especially where room permits. And that would be bidets and washlets.

A bidet is a French product and is not a new bathroom unit. Indeed, its invention can be traced just before America’s Revolutionary War, a device used to clean one’s private area including external genitals and the anal area. Long found in European homes, bidets are powered solely by water pressure to deliver a refreshing and thorough clean. It has the look of a toilet, but its work is to give attention to areas of the body hardest to reach in the shower or on the toilet.

A washlet, on the other hand, takes the typical toilet and adds the cleansing features of the bidet. It is a Japanese invention and a recent one at that with a heated seat, warm water massage, retractable cleaning wands and warm air drying included.

Floor or Wall Mounted Waterfalls

Our focus so far has been entirely on the bathroom. Then again, other than the kitchen, there may not be a room so important in the house as the bath. You know what it takes to modernize a kitchen and all the goodies that make it shine including quartz countertops, stone floors, and a deep-freeze refrigerator.

So, to get the contemporary look for other rooms in the house, there is a modern appliance that simply does not seem to meet the appliance criteria. And that would be waterfalls. Waterfalls provide a welcome and wholly unexpected addition to many rooms. They’re found in foyers, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and in family rooms. What they do provide is a conversation piece both for the repeating flow of the water and for the unit’s construction which may be stainless steel, blackened or rustic copper or antique bronze. Waterfalls may stand alone in a room or hang from a wall. Watch the cascading flow of water plunge down the glass face and flow into the rocks beneath. Various lighting and sound options are available. Moreover, no plumbing hookup is required and you won’t need to call in an electrician.

Other Ideas

If you want to modernize your home, consider any of the following as well: towel warmers, pendant or sconce lighting, mosaic tiles, and free standing gas fireplaces. You have many options available to you, touches that can transform even the oldest home into something very much new and exciting.

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