Convert Your Roof into a Garden- Add Freshness to an Urbanized Dwelling

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Multi-storey buildings, concrete constructions, large commercial houses – all these have blocked the natural beauty of Mother Earth. People crave to see some green around them. But alas! The scope is very limited. Gardening has become an absurd concept with such a small area in most of the houses. However, creative minds have discovered a very innovative idea of continuing gardening. Don’t have a balcony or a backyard for gardening? Not an issue. Rooftop gardening is the latest ruling concept

Whether it is a commercial building or your own residential one, rooftop gardening can skillfully be created on all roofs. Now, before planting and designing your roof garden, you should think of the style you wish to have in your garden. Many people even plan to have a green roof altogether. Now, let’s find out how can you transfer a neglected roof into an outdoor space you have dreamt all the time.

Check the roofing

First, you need to consult some qualified architect to know whether the roof is at all suitable for building a garden on it. You need consider certain things as – whether the roof is watertight, whether the roof is capable of bearing the weight and whether you need to take some kind of permission. You should place the pots at the edges of the roof since the middle is the weak place on any rooftop.

Be clever in selecting the containers

Make sure there are holes in containers for drainage and the pots are not too heavy. Deeper and bigger pots are better for rooftop garden. Do not use things which are not waterproof. For instance, wooden containers are not at all suitable for growing plants that you will eat.

Block out the city

If you want to guard the urban views and other concrete constructions, you can choose tall plants like laurels and bamboo. They are not only long but are also sturdy. Planting scented plants is a good idea to keep out smell out of the roof. Lavender is a beautiful plant for rooftop gardening since it decorates your roof with colors and retain a sweet smell all the time.

Treat the garden as your room

You can use your garden as an extension to the existing room. Choose those colors of plants and floors that match the color scheme of the house. If you wish to use your rooftop garden at night, don’t forget to provide sufficient lights in it. There are many improvised versions of lights that can be in accord with your roof garden décor.

Never forget the basic element

You will find people taking a lot of pain in creating a beautifully designed rooftop garden, but they fail to sustain the beauty because many plants die. Why? In most cases, it is seen that people forget to water the plants. Diverse types of food and fertilizers are also available to maintain the health of the garden plants.

Edible or ornamental plants, both require regular care and maintenance. Feeding, watering and providing ample light for the growth of the plants can help you add a natural environment to your rooftop.

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