Fun Backyard Water Feature Ideas

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Backyard water features are sometimes the selling points for homes.  Having unique landscaping or water features in the backyard can transform a normal lawn into a hideaway that is peaceful, tranquil and relaxing for the family.  Setting up these features involves some engineering that goes beyond what normal irrigation and sprinklers look like.


Fountains that sit in the backyard can produce a calming sound that will give the family a reason to read, rest and relax in the backyard.  However, the water fountains have to be set up so that they can recycle the water and make sure that the family is not wasting money on water that is flowing through the feature.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be great business for the family that likes to entertain friends and family.  Swimming pools can be engineered to recycle water, filter water and can even add features such as water spouts and fountains.

While these water fountains and spouts can be lovely feature of the pool, they must also be worked into the original design of the pool.  A pool must be engineered to have the water features working as part of the pool’s water supply. 

Fountains In The Front Yard

Having a fountain in the front yard can change the way the family home looks and feels.  In fact, the fountains can be used to set the scene for the home or enhance the way that the house looks from the front.   Many homeowners do not paint their homes wild or crazy colors, but they do use fountains and water features that help to make the home look unique and spectacular from the street.

The Engineering Behind The Fountains

These fountains, pools and water features need to be tied into the main water line for the house.  However, the water line cannot constantly supply water to these features without costing the family a great deal of money.

When these features are set up, they are set up to recycle the water that they use.  This means that a pool can be filled with water from the home, but the pool will then filter the water and use only the water that was already put in the pool. 

A fountain, likewise, will be able to recycle water that originally came from the home water supply.  Because a fountain pool can run water from the basin back into the spout, it can feed itself with the water it originally had and keep running for as long as the homeowner wants.

Also, waterspouts in the pool can use the water from the pool and simply spray the water back into the pool as a part of the feature.  Each of these items looks fantastic, but they are all designed to conserve water by starting with a given water supply and reusing the same water over and over.

Water Features For Kids

There are some water features that are best for little kids.  The family can set up little water spouts on the pavement near the pool, a kiddie pool that has a fountain in the middle of it, and the family can even set up a water slide that is constantly filled with water so that kids can slide down at will during or a party or on a lazy summer afternoon.

Combining the business of water conservation and the engineering behind these features can give the family a massive array of water features at their home that will increase the home’s value, make the home more relaxing and make the home more fun for entertaining and partying throughout the year.

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    A swimming pool is a great way to add a water feature to your backyard, it allows for entertaining of all ages.

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