Is Your Office Furniture Helping or Hurting You?

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Poorly designed office furniture can have a profoundly negative impact on your health and your performance on the job. But it’s not just that it’s badly designed, it’s also that it may not be fitted to you correctly.

If you were going to get a new business suit and pay top dollar you would naturally expect that one or more fittings would come with the purchase. As a matter of fact most of the time if the clothes are high end you will go through two fittings to get them just right.

There are some really great places to get desks and chairs online but be sure as to be armed with your measurements and the tips listed below.

How To Ensure You Get Healthy And Productive Office Furniture

Having a desk that is too narrow in the leg area can cause you to always be sitting with your legs pulled together by constant muscle tension. This causes the hips to be canted forward and that throws your spine out of alignment. This is not only unhealthy but can lead to constant Chiropractic care and long term bills.

To narrow of a space for your legs also causes you to sit in almost only one position and does not allow you to move normally so you can rotate pressure on your seats contact points. You may just like a bed ridden patient start to develop sore spots where your body is hitting those same contact points all day every day.

Take measurements

Having an office desk or chair that is at the wrong height can quickly turn your purchase into a pain.

Start with the chair. Find a chair that’s adjustable, sit in it and keep adjusting until you find just the right height. Now measure that height and write it down. Then with the chair at that height find a table or a surface that is just right for you to sit at comfortably.

Be sure that when you sit at this surface your arms feel natural as you sit and that your back is in your preferred posture position. Then record the height of the surface and write it down.

Now you will be able to shop online to find the best deals with confidence because you know that what you buy will be comfortable for your all day work environment.

Be sure the desk is deep enough for your computer needs

If you’re using a laptop without an extra regular keyboard it may not be so critical.

However if you’re using a desktop computer where you have to fit both a monitor and a keyboard in front of you then depth will become very important. You want the monitor to be far enough away so that it does not cause eye strain or that you get to much ELF from it either. You should also have plenty of room for your keyboard and other office equipment without jamming them into your monitor.

For all of us office warriors having the right tools to do the job is essential and your desk & chair are just that, two of your pieces of office equipment. Take the few minutes required to make sure they will be the healthy choice then both your body and your productivity will thank you for years to come.

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