Re-Design Your Home on a Budget

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One of the biggest financial burdens for the modern day consumer is none other than home design. It seems that every season has its own unique decor. Homeowners tend to shape their home four times a year to reflect these seasonal trends in order to stay-up-to date with home fashions.

Instead of breaking the bank with seasonal styles, why not design your home in a way that looks amazing year round? Sure, even re-designs in your home could cost you an arm and a leg, but, believe it or not, there are a few strategies that can help you decorate your home on a budget!

Paint > Wallpaper

In most Southern interior decorating styles, we tend to see a lot of changes in wallpaper, that tend to switch out as the day’s weather get cold or hot. Instead of buying expensive wallpapers which reflect the seasons, why not we buy a seasonal neutral paint to cover those unappealing white walls? In most houses, in the West Coast, there tends to be a heavy emphasis on colored-walls. So it’s definitely something that’s trendy and cheap!

In order to stay seasonally relevant, picking the right neutral color is also essential to give your home a timeless look that suits well in all seasons. A few examples of neutral colors are earth tones and cool pastels (blue bases).

Second Hand Stores

We have all felt the pain of buying expensive home furnishings to decorate our homes. You can spend a grand or two for buying a simple, brand-new living room set. Luckily, vintage is in! Believe it or not, a lot of cool furniture and other home accessories can be found at local neighborhood rummage sales, estate sales and second-hand stores! If you plan to buy used furniture then looks for solidly constructed furnishings that can be re-upholstered.

Mix and Match

Buying a furniture set can definitely set you back financially! Instead of buying full sets, why not mix and match your furniture? In fact, interior decorators advise homeowners to refrain from monochromatic styles in their home, and instead suggest colors and fabrics that pop and bring life to the room.


Even the latest styles in home decor can be found during home furniture sales. If you’re looking to add a few more furnishings to your home, look for promos or liquidation sales. Usually, liquidation sales offer 30-40% off on furnishings promos and don’t tend to go over a 25% discount. However, it happens two times of the year, after the 4th of July and after Christmas, where sales can range from 40-70% off!


Instead of paying for new lighting systems or extra lighting accessories, why not use the natural light provided by windows? Companies like Newman Windows are important because in San Diego windows can make a big difference in your home or office and can light every nook and cranny. Usually, light can range from soft to strong throughout the year, but it’s easily controlled with blinds or drapes. If you’re looking to spend a lot less on your future electric bills, why not rely on natural light instead?

Designing your home can get expensive, but by using these strategies, not only your home will look amazing year round, but you’ll be definitely able to save a lot more than the average American homeowner.

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