Customized and Current Cabinetry with Glass

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Long gone are the days of glass cabinets only being used to display ancient artifacts in museums or showcase grandma’s ceramic kitten collection in the corner hutch!

In fact, working a sleek piece of custom cut glass into your cabinetry is the thing to do when it comes to current trends in home décor. From outfitting new kitchen cabinets with glass door panels to fixing up an antique armoire with fresh glass hardware fixtures, if you are looking for that ‘extra something’ to punch up your furniture pieces, glass is the way to go.

Here are a few ideas to get your glass gears turning and some tips on transforming your cabinets from ‘the place where you store your prized possessions’ into the prized possessions themselves with smart incorporations of custom cut glass!

All the Places Glass can Go

When it comes to the places in your home where you can effectively utilize a custom cut piece of glass, the exciting answer is: Everywhere! And because there are so many options for where you can use glass and the custom variations in the piece of glass itself, you are sure to create something to suit your unique style.

From kitchens to bathrooms and bedrooms to bar areas, glass shelves are a staple that add the important design element to functional storage spaces.

Intriguing Variations 

And you need not settle for straight lines of clear glass! You can intermix:

  • Colors: Glass pieces can be back-painted in any color to match your décor or can be fabricated in an assortment of shades.
  • Textures: Whether tempered for strength or frosted and etched for aesthetic appeal, there are ways to customize the look and feel of the individual glass pieces.
  • Shapes: Glass cuts range from classic square and rectangle shapes to more modern shapes like triangles, pentagons and quarter-rounds for corners all the way to exotic fabrications with multi-levels and lipped edges.
  • Edges: And speaking of edges, you can select from naturally seamed to polished flat, pencil or bevel edges to round (or square!) off your units.

Now, let’s take a look at some ideas and combinations in practice.

One-of-a-Kind Options

If you want the ultimate in unique showpiece displays, consider the interest and intrigue you can create with artistically designed floating shelves.

For example, who says shelves must remain perfectly linear? After all, if you are already utilizing shelves that float without the aid of a containing structure (like a cabinet or a bookcase), you are likely the type of person who would love an artistic wall installation out of staggered glass shelves like these:

Rather than settling for wood shelves in your open bookcases, think about how you can set your glass shelves apart and this multi-tiered design within the pieces of glass themselves is a great example of thinking outside of the cabinet glass box:

Or perhaps you’d like to marry the two – wood and glass shelves – in an interesting new way? Check out this ‘best of both worlds’ option of wood-framed frosted glass floating shelves for an open cabinetry feel:

Handsome Glass Hardware

Even if you don’t have an entire cabinet of glass or a cabinet with glass doors, there are still ways to work glass into your cabinetry to add a bit of sparkle.

And by sticking with cosmetic updates to your cabinets and furniture with beautiful glass drawer pulls, knobs and handles, you can make an impressive impact with minimal financial investment.
What are some of the ways you want to incorporate glass into your customized home décor?

Shahab Shokouhi is a glass design expert at Dulles Glass and Mirror, an innovative manufacturer of glass table tops, glass shelves, and all other glass and mirror products.

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