3 Reasons to Switch From Carpet to Wood Flooring

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One of the debates that many people have when they are moving into a new home or just having a makeover, is whether they should have carpet or wood flooring.

If you currently have carpet, here are three reasons why you should consider switching to a wood floor instead.


Whilst a carpet can certainly make a room look good it is probably fair to say that hardwood flooring has more prestige and generally commands more of a wow factor when people see a rich coloured natural-looking floor in a room.

The perception amongst many people is that a wood floor is more luxurious and considered to be more high end, which is a look that a lot of carpets will struggle to emulate or achieve.

A properly maintained wood floor supplied by a company like Bamboozle, which is made from natural materials such as bamboo, can last for many years when it is properly looked after and maintained. This means that it has the potential to retain its good looks for a lot longer than a carpet, meaning that you are getting a good return on your investment.


There are plenty of people around who think it is extremely difficult to keep a carpet really clean. Stains have a tendency to soak into a carpet and dust and bacteria are also attracted to a carpeted surface.

When dust and bacteria settle into the fibres of a carpet they can be almost impossible to completely remove without specialist cleaning equipment, whereas by comparison, a wood floor is much easier to keep clean and free from bacteria and dust.

A Norovirus can survive on carpet for anywhere between four and six weeks. This is the virus that can cause stomach flu and it has the ability to become airborne every time the carpet is walked on, especially if there is already a lot of dust present.

A wood floor generally has a smooth solid surface that can be easily wiped clean and of course, there is no hiding place for any bacteria like there is with a carpet, so a wood floor can be considered to be cleaner and possibly healthier than a carpet.

Design classic

Home furnishing trends are always changing and colour schemes come and go, but one thing that remains a timeless classic is a wood floor.

Wood flooring has been used for hundreds of years and despite constantly changing design trends and tastes, it has never lost its popularity.

A wood floor has the ability to match with almost any colour scheme and decorative choice that it is asked to work with in a room and in these eco-friendly times that we live in, it can also boast good credentials compared to a carpet.

Carpet is largely made from petroleum which is a limited resource, whereas a natural wood floor like bamboo comes from a sustainable resource, so you can have a great floor and protect the environment at the same time.

When you weigh up the arguments it is hard not to agree that it would be a sound choice to switch from carpet to a wood floor.

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