Choosing a Tree House Vacation – Better than Hotel Holidays?

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If I say vacation the first thing that comes to mind might be sunny beaches, lots of sunlight, a good tan and beach games or possibly a forest type green area with a pretty little cottage and then escaping into one such place, patiently snuggling and not wanting to leave your bed – can be interesting! I love such kind of holidays – loads of sleep and no worries.

Even better are some different ways and when I say that I mean it in all senses. I mean is a treehouse. And though you might have had a treehouse as you grew up, you never realized that actually you had made a vacation spot for yourself and that is what nowadays hotels believe too. Giving you Treehouse vacations could have been the best ideal idea in a very long time and you might just be lucky enough to time travel.

But let me tell you something very honestly – how much ever a hotel tries to establish itself as a classy star hotel and make the treehouse ready with everything: beautiful gardens or waterfalls or decorating the rooms with wooden paneling, they are not going to be even closer to the tree houses that you make. Tree houses are class apart!

Though in a tree house hotel, you might get all the food and service and if you are on a proper holiday, you definitely don’t want to cook. For a change you might want to give over the control of your treehouse supplies to the hoteliers, nothing can beat the joy and happiness of still being alone like being let loose in wild.

What Treehouses are all about:

  • Relaxing you: It might sound like that in a movie but you are literally in the sky among leaves and birds and nature’s songs around you. You are in wild and you make sure you are enjoying every bit of it.
  • Eco Friendly: It is built on trees, using eco-friendly tree supplies which I am sure if trees had voice they would be only glad to know that you stand with them strong.
  • Refreshing: Remember to forget – that’s right! Make sure that you are away from technology and gizmos and are totally free. Have a wine or two and relax as you watch a sparrow chirping away or a cat slyly slithering out of sight.
  • Personal Fantasy: I say this for me – as a child I always felt like a hookie and wanted to do something different. Now that I know I can do it (Mommy is there but not calling out to me to get down) I can make my dreams come into reality. I can sing out loud, eat junk and listen to my favorite song and read my favorite book

Don’t be an under impression please that I am strictly against hotel holidaying because I am not. In fact, I will jump in the middle of the street and even advertise for hotels. But what I am saying is that once in a while, it is good to be lost and let loose yourself in the nature and get to do things your way and keep it real. It gives you a fresh insight into life!

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Billy Norton works as a chief architect and spends a huge amount of time designing and engineering eco-friendly buildings. He likes to vacation a lot and has some of the marvelous ideas to having a different approach to holidaying!

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