Planning a Garage to Fit Your Needs

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When building your home a lot of time and planning go into the decisions on overall layout, number of bedrooms, and the big areas of kitchen and bath planning. This is only natural as they are the primary considerations when choosing a home. One area that should not be overlooked in the planning process is the garage. It is easy to say simply large enough for 2 vehicles and move on. That is a big mistake given the frequency it is used and overall utility it provides.

The biggest issue most garages face is size. When working with a limited lot size and budget it is easy to see why it may be the first sacrifice, but consider these things. If you have to have all the passengers exit in the rain before squeezing the vehicle into the garage for the nest 15 years the size issue takes on new importance.

The ability to load luggage into the cars or take groceries out of the cars with dinging doors and walking sideways is more than a small convenience. If you have ever been frustrated trying to get into and out of your car or load groceries into the car at the shopping center parking lot once every week or two, do you really want to do the same in your garage 2 or more times a day for as long as you own your home?

Besides calculating for the width needed to simply open doors fully, remember a garage typically has other things. The tool chests and work benches around the walls take up space. Failing to account for that space in the planning and building phase can turn your would be 2 car garage into a 1 ½ car garage and an ongoing argument with the spouse over which vehicle is being parked inside. You can get sizing estimates for tool chests from manufacturer websites at to take the guess work out of the space needed.

Garages often end up as useful storage spaces as well. To get the most out of this remember to make it possible to use the overhead space for storage by planning ladder access, building and entry area through the ceiling beams, and placing flooring. This will not only provide storage area, it will also make heating the garage much more economical as the heat will be contained in the lower areas where vehicles are parked and you may be working at the work benches. 

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